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  1. maybe the third time something on the internet has made me cry with laughter
  2. Yeah thats fine if you have a job, Im still at school and "shitty cryspace mp3's" are all I have the time for and can afford.
  3. Ride of the Valkyries is one hell of a tune though! Well this is just one source. Im sure you're all capable of you're own research into the matter, this is just the first thing that came up on google
  4. Surprised that I didn't find anything on this in here (i may just be blind)1 in 15 million chance. Thoughts? Discussion? CTV.ca | 'Black hole' machine could destroy planet: lawsuit As Frankie Boyle said, if theres any chance of a black hole, even a tiny one, DONT FUCKING DO IT.
  5. Wow, they didnt even bother to finish that one.
  6. I use the term musician loosely. I have had plenty of experience singing onstage, as well as playing guitar and bass, although I'd rather be a frontman. I'm not awesomely technically skilled, but I've been told my songs and lyrics are pretty good and Im a charistmatic chap when the spotlights on me. (By some people) I really want to join a commited band. Or form a new one. not fussed. Influences include (but not restricted to) Biffy Clyro, Aereogramme, Death From Above 1979, Talking Heads, Twin Atlantic, Idlewild, Xcerts, etc I stay in aberdeen and Im free every day of the week post 4 o clock and Im not bothered if practice is every day. Thanks very much.
  7. Yes, but the point he's trying to make is, it's about more than one single issue to do with aberdeen music. Stop being so pedantic, your posts in this thread have been needlessly aggressive for no apparent reason.
  8. What in gods name are you talking about? Everyone would like you. Can't possibly have any qualms with anyone who chortles like that.
  9. I found this fucking hilarious. watch it, hilarity ensues after about 1 and a half minutes YouTube - Funniest Laugh in the world
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