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  1. It's not a very deep wonder, I'll admit it, but I do always wonder how many of my car could park bumper to bumper between two consequetive telegraph poles on the (grass next to the) dual carriageway. It passes the time.
  2. hattrick.org hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. But it was too late. They had disappeared into the secret realms of the private message, to hum snatches of Get 'Em Out By Friday to one another and study TGV timetables away from the amicably disinterested masses of ab-music.
  4. Good lord Genesis '67-'77 is my life. Though I have grown to enjoy the bursts of Phil Collins' crooning that always seem to appear for four or five tracks on RTL2. Really though, are you from Aberdeen? What are you doing in France?
  5. Leave me alone, Phil Collins! I think he might really be The One!
  6. LILLE??? Who are you? I live in Valenciennes!
  7. White wine spritzers and Pride and Prejudice! Look at Keira Knightley... she must weigh like 90 pounds. No way. WAY. But she's soOoOoOoOoOo prittyful!
  8. I'm sure Lush or the Body Shop would have one. http://www.lush.co.uk/products/Brazened_Honey_3063.aspx
  9. Same, I will not be around but it's an ace idea! Nice idea to put it on.
  10. Well, yeah. I would love to see them again. But many people probs travel a longer way than Aberdeen->London to see them in Tokyo. We could always start up a tribute (or... Faust-inspired) band called Fauxt. http://www.faust-pages.com/music/jeanherve/JH_LMC_fastened60-60.mp3
  11. Oh my, the bad taste! At least he's highly unlikely to get ill. X-(
  12. Ooh can I have a job at your festival, wheeling Robert Wyatt and entertaining him and bringing him refreshments? Anyway, here's mine. It would be held here: 5013′N 1223′E or thereabouts. Main stage, set in 1971 Genesis Magma Caravan Spring Bodast (reunion) Norman Haines Band Second stage, set today! Sportfreunde Stiller Opeth Faust Anajo Wow, it would be ace.
  13. I believe the reason was that it would have been uneconomical for them to come all the way up here.
  14. PM me or rite here... CDs 4: Delays - Everything's the Rush Jimmy Eat World - Futures (2CD) Bill Evans - Sunday at the Village Vanguard Wire - Pink Flag Bill Hicks - Rant in E Minor Van Morrison - Astral Weeks The Streets - A Grand Don't Come for Free Nirvana* - Forever Changing (An Introduction) Rooster - Rooster System of a Down - System of a Down Kano - Home Sweet Home Delays - Faded Seaside Glamour *Your 60s pop psych friends, not Kurdt and co. CDs 2: (hed)pe - The Best Of M. Craft - I Can See It All Tonight Pretty Things - Latest Writs/Greatest Hits, the best of Maximum System of a Down, the unauthorised autobiography Rick Wakeman and the New English Rock Emsemble - Out There These ones are singles/promo things and for free in case anyone wants them: The Stills - Changes Are No Good Leya - The Dream That Money Bought The Kills - The Good Ones Dr. Dog - The World May Never Know Deftones - Hexagram Simple Kid - Truck On Happylife - The Way You Hate Me Delays - Lost in a Melody/Wanderlust with videos Longwave - Wake Me When It's Over Anthony and the Johnsons - You Are My Sister Dogs - Tarred and Feathered (What a Bad Boy!) 3 Doors Down - Here Without You R.E.M. - Animal The Webb Brothers - Ms. Moriarty 7" Radio 4 - Absolute Affirmation 7" The Ordinary Boys - Maybe Someday 7" Belle and Sebastian - Step Into My Office, Baby 7"
  15. I just almost peed my pants rereading this... I saw Faust last week and Jean-Herv sent his apologies about the cancellation.
  16. A little cute very soft toothbrush is nice for brushing dust off the stylus. Well, the cuteness is optional.
  17. 63. It's in the 7 times table.
  18. Bodast

    Euro 2008

    Okay. I was trying to make general statements but to explain my own point of view, I never stayed in the same country for that long a time when I was growing up, so I feel a part of all of them but at the same time not a part of any of them (= no national identity?). Then when it comes to football I consider it solely as entertainment and thus don't care who anyone supports and how anyone addresses his/her team. By "choosing an identity" I simply mean building your identity/personality/life through the decisions you make, and not anything more planned than that.
  19. Bodast

    Euro 2008

    I think associating yourself with a nation/culture/team is part of defining your identity, and that everyone should be free to choose their own identity, simple as that tbh. I can see your point but I just don't believe it myself.
  20. Bodast

    Euro 2008

    Sorry, I didn't mean that... I think it's contrived if there's an unspoken rule that the only team you can call "we" is the one from the same country as you, in that, like I said above, if I did that to the Scottish team, it would feel strange despite being Scottish.
  21. Bodast

    Euro 2008

    Well, there's a difference between supporting a team casually/for one tournament, and supporting it for years and years. Tbh I'd feel weird calling the Scottish team "we" because I don't follow them, I don't really care how they do and I'm not familiar with any of their players or tactics etc. so it seems kind of contrived to me to base it on nationality.
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