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  1. Dear Friends, Apologies for Cross-posts. I'd like to invite you to the next instalment of The Burning Harpsichord Series, Friday, September 17th, 8pm. Tickets are £10/ £8 conc, £5 under 16 in advance £11, £9 conc, £5 under 16 on the door. Here's a link to the event: http://www.woodendbarn.co.uk/event/woodend-barn/burning-harpsichord-series-robert-curgenven'>http://www.woodendbarn.co.uk/event/woodend-barn/burning-harpsichord-series-robert-curgenven This year, we're being hosted by Woodend Barn in Banchory (a great space just outside of Aberdeen in Scotland). Our first concert takes place Friday September 17th featuring Robert Curgenven. I recently witnessed Robert performing at Cafe Oto in London and was blown away by his set, definitely not to be missed! He will be playing a combination of turntables, guitar, and piano. For more info on Robert visit: http://www.recordedfields.net/ Supporting Robert will be Andy Smith. Andy is one of my favourite performers and we used to perform together in the experimental punk group Mickel Mass, http://www.myspace.com/mickelmass He will be performing a rare (for him) laptop set. Please note that Patrick Keenan was scheduled to support but had to reschedule. We'll be using his guitar though, well, actually not, but he sourced it for us, so almost! For more information, please visit my site at www.billthompson.org or Woodend Barn at http://www.woodendbarn.co.uk/ Thanks again. I hope to see you there and please feel free to pass this invitation along. Bill Thompson ps Other dates you might consider: Claire M Singer and I will be performing live electronics on November 8th at the next Burning Harpsichord Series event with a special guest (to be revealed later). This event will also be at WEB and will be part of Aberdeen's Sound festival. In February, we'll be happy to host Rhodri Davies (prepared harp) and Ross Whyte (live electronics). -- http://billthompson.org/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/soundasart/ ........................................................................ “No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” -Beckett
  2. Dear Friends, I would like to invite you to CRA/CKED, my first solo art exhibition with a significant visual element (don't worry there's still PLENTY of sound!) I'll be showing four new works involving data bent video games, corrupted videos codecs, a 17 TV sculpture playing video and sound from remote controls, and layered videos from over 100 looped Blues records played on an old faulty record player. The exhibition opens on Friday the 13th (6 to 8pm) at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen, Scotland, and will feature performances by Patrick Keenan, Ross Whyte, and myself on live electronics. CRA/CKED runs through June 25th for those of you who can't make the opening. For more information, feel free to contact me directly or visit Peacocks at: CRA/CKED - Launch Fri 13 May 6-8pm - Aberdeen's Centre for Contemporary Art. Gallery exhibitions, printmaking, photography, film & video, digital media Thanks, and I hope to see you there! Bill -- news soundasart : SoundasArt ........................................................................ No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. -Beckett
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm co-leading a Choreography and Composer workshop in Aberdeen at Citymoves Dance Space with choreographer Ian Spink from October 11th to the 16th and we are looking for musicians to participate as part of three different music groups during the week. We are looking for a range of instrumentalists (vocalists and electronic/experimental musicians as well), particularly those that are open-minded and willing to experiment with a variety of ways of working (from traditional to experimental). You'll be working with a different combination of players, dancers, choreographer, and composer, each day. Originally, there was a fee to participate and to cover accomodation but this has been waived for those living in Aberdeen not requiring a place to stay. If you are only available for a few of the days during the week, that is ok as long as we know in advance and can plan accordingly (days run from from 10 to 6). This is a great opportunity to gain experience working as a musician within the dance world, but also to collaborate and play with other excellent musicians, composers, and choreographers. Here's a link to the project: Composers and Choreographers October School If you're interested, please send me a direct email (billthompson(at)billthompson.org) or better yet, contact Jennifer Phillips at the link above (soon). Thanks as always, Bill ps Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.
  4. Free Music Workshops this Weekend! Hi Everyone...check this out if you're in Aberdeen I wanted to remind you about the workshops offered by Kincorth Music Project this weekend, March 20th and 21st . They are a great music opportunity that not only rarely occurs in Aberdeen, but are FREE to those of you that are 25 years and younger. (If you're over 25 see below). The trainers are nationally recognised authorities on their subject and are not only experienced musicians themselves, but are also trainers whose own work involves training other teachers, workshop leaders, and trainers as well. Dane Chalfin will be delivering sessions specifically for this for those of you who are teachers or vocal coaches (or want to be) covering pedagogy, voice troubleshooting and vocal health. But in order to participate, we need you to quickly register which courses you want to attend (there is no limit other than scheduling). To make a booking Tel: 01224 872851 between 10am and 3pm Mon-Fri or email: hewest@aberdeencity.gov.uk ***By the way, something I should have mentioned previously is that if you are not working as a tutor/volunteer with our music projects (you'll know if you are) and are over 25, you can still attend the workshops for a small fee (35 per workshop). If this is you and you're interested in any of these opportunities, simply register as an adult and note the workshop(s) that you are interested in-the music leader workshops with Dane Chalpin would be one to not miss for vocal teachers. More Information about the project: Kincorth Music Project, Kincorth Music Project received funding to host a series of music workshops in Aberdeen with experts in voice, percussion, DJ'ing, and computer music/electronic design. The project allows us to work with any young person aged 11 to 25, and best of all, it's absolutely FREE! The workshop leaders include Dave Chalfin, one of the UK's leading voice coaches, Dane Chalfin & Associates - Professional Voice Consultants. Technique, Coaching and Rehabilitation for Speaking and Singing Voice. ; premiere percussionist Niel Findlay, head of the Rock School live band programme in East London, hey Negrita on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads ; renowned DJ, DJ Alafu, VaVa Records ; and ahem, me, Bill Thompson (I'll be giving a workshop on building your own electronic instruments (circuit bending), as well as recording and composing your own found-sound computer compositions), news . For more information, visit the project site here: Kincorth Music Project and download the brochure for the weekend here: http://kincorthmusicproject.org/documents/In_Tune_Music_Workshops.pdf Space is limited so if you're interested it's best to reserve your seat now. If there are no spaces left, we have a reserve list also in case of cancellations. (Over 25's are still able to attend workshops for 35 per workshop). To make a booking Tel: 01224 872851 between 10am and 3pm Mon-Fri or email: hewest@aberdeencity.gov.uk Thanks, hope to see some of you there, Bill ps...Feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested.
  5. In Tune Workshop Hi Everyone, Just to let you know I'm going to open this up to the wider public, so if you haven't signed up, now would be the time. Again, these practitioners are highly regarded/paid folks, so to get in for free is crazy lucky. Hopefully see you there, Bill
  6. Hi everyone, As some of you know, I not only do experimental music but deliver workshops as well. Well, we have a doosie (as in 'very good' for those of you not from Texas) coming up on March 20th and 21st, that some of you might be interested in. It's part of a youth project in Kincorth and is open (and FREE!) to any young person age 12-25. There are some amazing practitioners going to be delivering these workshops, including world class percussionists (hand and kit drums), djs, vocal tutors, and ahem, yours truly (circuit bending and on-the-cheap computer composition). The spaces are limited, and priority will be given to young people from Kincorth (but there should be space for non-Kincorth youth) and we'll have a reserve list too. So if you're interested, sign up now now. The website is here: Welcome to the Frontpage and the pdf with booking and workshop info is here: http://kincorthmusicproject.org/documents/In_Tune_Music_Workshops.pdf thanks, Bill ps...for those over 25 (like myself) I haven't given up on doing a 2nd circuit bending workshop for adults, just need to sort out funding and a space. I'll keep you informed about any developments. ,
  7. Two Huge rooms for rent, city centre, 275 Hi Everyone, I'm moving to London and looking for a replacement for my room at my flat on Bridge St. Actually, there are two rooms available (one immediately, the other around March 1st). They are HUGE, as is the flat. Plenty of storage, washer/dryer, two fridges, and literally 3 minutes from train station/mall/city centre etc. Each room goes for 275/mo plus matching deposit. Due to size of rooms and storage, this would be ideal for artists or those with lots of equipment etc. Currently in the flat are two girls and a guy, around 25, very laid back etc. We're looking for like minded individuals, sane with a job, and who won't smoke in flat. Send me an email or pm to see flats, email is prof.lofi@gmail.com talk to you soon, Bill
  8. got two rooms to rent for 275 Hi Stephanie, Actually yes, we have two rooms that just came open. Right at City Centre on Bridge street. The flat is massive, the rooms are massive too. Comes with washer/dryer, huge kitchen, storage etc. Rent is 275 plus same for deposit, looking for one immediate move in and another on or just after March 1st. Let me know if/when you want to have a look...oh, mostly artists and similar living here, 2 girls, 1 guy, all around 25 or so very laid back etc. Talk soon, Bill ps just send an email or p.m. me and we can set up a time to view flat.
  9. Hi Everyone, Been busy planning tons 'o stuff and it's all coming around for November. You can skip the post below and just visit my site for all the info, links etc if you like: news but otherwise read below. Would be great to see you at some of these. We've managed to bring in some great experimental artists from Germany, France, England, and the States, as well as having them perform in some cool venues-even at the Lighthouse Museum in Banchory (don't worry there's a free bus for those of you who would like to go)...feel free to contact me if you need more info. Look forward to seeing you there! Bill Hi Everyone, I've been working on a number of projects that all come to fruition over the next several weeks and if you're within earshot of any of them, it would be great to see you there (say hi!). Please feel free to mention/pass this information on to others who you think would find it of interest. Here are the dates in order: * Resonant Frequencies, November 5-8, Aberdeen, Various Venues: The first project is Resonant Frequencies, a 3 night exploration of the relationship between percussion and live electronics that I curated as part of Aberdeen's sound festival (homepage > sound festival 2009 > s•o•u•n•d) The first two nights involve two solo sets by either myself, Burkhard Beins, Will Guthrie, or Mark Wastell, followed by the artists performing as a duet. On the third evening, all four performers come together as a quartet, improvising their way though my improv score, gates, adapted for this occasion. As special guest, on the third night we'll also have James Wyness opening the evening with a set involving field recordings and live electronics. On the following day, Burkhard Beins will lead a workshop on open improvisation and graphic notation (still 5 spots left for those interested) while earlier that morning Richard Barrett (one of the founders of fORCH) will discuss his role and various compositional strategies within his ensemble. fORCH will then perform that evening at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. Events take place across the city and shire (including the amazing Fraserburgh Lighthouse Museum, the Award winning Suttie Building, Citymoves Dancespace, The University of Aberdeen, and the Lemon Tree.) If you need a lift to Fraserburgh, btw, there's a FREE bus organised by sound so be sure to contact them at the link below for details if you're interested. Some events are donation only, while others involve an entry fee. Check the links for details. (This project was generously supported by the PRS Foundation for New Music, the Scottish Arts Council, and sound) November 5-8th: Resonant Frequencies, as part of sound festival in Aberdeen, featuring myself, Burkhard Beins, Will Guthrie, Mark Wastell, James Wyness, and fORCH. Details: Resonant Frequencies > 2009 festival > sound festival > s•o•u•n•d * Shifting Currents, November 15, 19, 23rd, s'Hertogenbosch, Aberdeen, Huddersfield: Following on the heels of RF is Shifting Currents, a three festival commission for the PRS Foundation for New Music. The commission involved my recording various electromagnetic fields found within the three cities (Aberdeen, Stirling, Huddersfield, and eventually, s'Hertogenbosch) and creating a multiple speaker installation from which three musicians (myself, Rick Reed, and Keith Rowe) improvise within. The first performance has already taken place in Stirling as part of Le Weekend (Bill Thompson's Shifting Currents) but happily the project was also picked up by November Music festival in s'Hertogenbosch, Holland. So, if you're in Holland, particularly in s'Hertogenbosch (only about an hour from Amsterdam), come on down The Holland gig takes place on November 15th on the top floor of a converted jail that was originally used as a gym (still with the original murals). The rest of the festival looks great too. Following that, we will be performing the work in Aberdeen on November 19th at Cowdry Hall as part of Aberdeen's sound festival, and then shortly after that on November 23rd in Huddersfield as part of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Details and links below: (This project was made possible by the generous support of the PRS Foundation for New Music, the Scottish Arts Council, Le Weekend, sound, and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.) November 15th, Shifting Currents:Holland as part of November Music Festival in s-Hertogenbosch, featuring myself, Rick Reed, and Keith Rowe. Details: November Music - international festival for contemporary music November 19th, Shifting Currents:Aberdeen as part of sound festival, featuring myself, Rick Reed, and Keith Rowe. Details: Shifting Currents, with Bill Thompson, Keith Rowe and Rick Reed - 19 November 2009 @ 8.00pm > event > sound festival > s•o•u•n•d November 23rd, Shifting Currents:Huddersfield as part of Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, featuring myself, Rick Reed, and Keith Rowe. Details: Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival : the UK's largest international festival of new and experimental music // Magnetic Yields: Shifting Currents * Winter Light Night, November 27th, Dundee, DCA (free): Upon returning from Huddersfield, I'll be performing in Dundee with Claire M Singer (composer/performer), and Jack Keenan (visual artist) as part of Dundee's Winter Light Night event (in which the entire city is enveloped in light via numerous performances/events throughout the day). I'll be playing live electronics alongside Singer who moves easily between live electronics, cello, and found objects, all while Jack Keenan projects a sonically reactive visual display on the far building outside of the Dundee Contemporary Arts building. The set should kick off around 10pm, and is free. November 27th, Winter Light Night in Dundee, with Claire M Singer and Jack Keenan (visuals), at the Dundee Contemporary Arts. 10pm, free. Details: Dundee Contemporary Arts * Homecoming, Scotland, November 30th, Inverurie Townhall: As part of the Land of Standing Stones event and Scotland's 2009 Homecoming celebrations, I have been commissioned to write a piece for Traditional Scottish Instruments (though it won't be traditional Scotish music that is played...think Dumitrescu meets Merzbow). Featuring the talents of Martin MacDonald on bagpipe, Claire M Singer on accordion, Naomi Ballentyne on Fiddle, and Patrick Keenan on percussion, my work will be premiered along side numerous other works that evening (many of them premieres as well). The event is scheduled to take place in Inverurie Town Hall in the evening. For more info: Land of the Standing Stones (My piece was commissioned by the Aberdeenshire Arts Council and facilitated by sound.) Details: November 30th, Scotland Homecoming, commissioned work for bagpipe, fiddle, accordion, and percussion featuring Patrick Keenan, Martin MacDonald, Claire M Singer, and Naomi Ballentyne. Inverurie Town Hall. Details: Land of the Standing Stones - 30 November 2009 > event > sound festival > s•o•u•n•d That's it. Thanks if you made it this far and please do say hi if you make it along to any of these gigs. If you want more information on any of these events, most of them are detailed on my site here: news. Also, if you've received this by accident, twice, or would like to be removed from this email list please let me know. God knows we all get enough spam. Talk soon, Bill ps. There is one other excellent project TONIGHT (Saturday, October 24th) that you might be interested in at Woodend Barn called FOUND. It's the latest project of Curious Seeds with Chris Devaney (a fantastic choreographer/dancer who I met during this past week's Citymoves Dance Space Fast and Dirty in the Shire project.) It starts at 715 or so and looks to be amazing. Maybe I'll see you there. Here's a link for more info: Woodend Barn - What's On pss. So much of this is part of the sound festival, it might be good to mention the intial gig at the beach ballroom called Piano Circus Easier to point you to a link than to try to describe, but should be an event WELL worth catching if you like pianos, minimalism, and well, more pianos! It kicks off on Wed. the 28th of October, check out details here: pianocircus > biography > sound festival > s•o•u•n•d
  10. Hi everyone, I've just listed NI DJ Traktor 2.53 as well as an Echo Indigo i/o soundcard on Ebay UK for anyone interested. Echo Indigo i/o PCMCIA Audiophile SoundCard Great Cond! on eBay (end time 18-Jul-09 02:19:44 BST) Native Instruments DJ Traktor Studio 2.5 Software on eBay (end time 18-Jul-09 04:24:37 BST) I'm also considering selling another piece of hardware, the Harvestman Malgorithm bit crusher unit (and the two Doepfer modules that power it and allow line level inputs (mt100 and a119). If anyone's interested in this let me know, I'm looking to get around 230 for this bundle...if you don't know what a Malgorithm is google it, it's VERY cool if you like to do harsh noise stuff. Here's a youtube link: YouTube - malgorithm demonstration Thanks, Bill news
  11. Delicate AWOl, of course...I know Caro but I missed their gigging days...I'll put some stuff in there...the articles really more of an overview of what's on now, but there is a 'what came before' section and I'd like to at least give a passing reference to prominent people if i can. thanks guys...and thanks jayne, i'm good friends with the found boys (my second gig here in 2004 was with them!) so they've got a mention, as do you Alan , and IMP as well as local pushers that sometimes stray over the line into experimental-ville.
  12. Hey guys, Thanks for those, I wish some of this was documented better but you know, this stuff hardly ever is when it's underground etc. I know of FOUND and Noma (though they're both Glasgow/Edinburgh nowdays) but didn't know about ST etc. I'll see what I can dig up and add even though the article's not really a long one etc. Bill
  13. wow...i thought there'd be pockets here or there...well, makes the article shorter, which means easier thanks, bill
  14. Hi everyone, I'm writing a small article on the experimental music scene in Aberdeen but I'm really only aware of what's been going on here since 2004 (when I arrived)...can anyone let me know what was going on before then? By experimental, I mean everything from the academic electroacoustic side of things to free improv, sound installations, live electronics, etc. If there was nothing, fine, but I don't want to miss something simply because it wasn't documented etc. thanks... Bill ps...I'm aware of Pete Stollery's work, as well as Mark Lawton.
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