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  1. Just trying to flog a ticket to ATP Nightmare Before Christmas festival at Butlins this weekend for a friend who can no longer go. Nightmare Before Christmas curated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor - All Tomorrow's Parties Ticket plus return train from Edinburgh to Taunton, down early on Friday 3rd Dec back Monday 6th. If you are interested e-mail rkmain @ googlemail.com and I can give you the exact details of it and just make an offer. Ta Ross
  2. 45 for two The Editors, 13th March, Music Hall, Aberdeen Call 07739320167 I'm putting this up on behalf of a friend, please don't PM me. Or think I like The Editors.
  3. Got to say, with the exception of Volbeat, and Volbeat alone, it's looking grim
  4. God I hate this website.
  5. You've obviously never been to a Guns 'n' Roses show. Aaaahahahuuuhh, someone please come get this.
  6. Yeah, I'm going on what my step-bro said. Basically it started veering to the left, the tyre started slipping off, and something is bent. No idea.
  7. 5 door, burgundy, P reg Vauxhall Corsa, split front axle or something, yours to be taken away if you have a tow that will take the front wheels off the ground. It just happened today out of nowhere and I'm moving to Glasgow in the next few days and just want rid of it. The body is in good condition minus a very small amount of rust that crept in last winter, its done 87,120 miles, brand new alternator in two months ago, new alternator belt in June, new brake pads at last MOT and is MOT'ed 'til August 2010. Phone Ross on 07742045831, need it shifted tomorrow or day after or it's just going to the scrap yard, which would be a shame. Ta
  8. Best new member post ever.
  9. 10/4 on that part, its cool. My favourite track is "Hyperdrive!" Tres groovy.
  10. Addicted is fucking brilliant BY the way. Best thing he's done since Alien if one asks me. The girls vocals from The Gathering are very nice.
  11. Good to hear Burton's voice... Tiresome to hear Dino's guitar.
  12. the youtube name is nothing without the hotmail one.
  13. As the title says. We do a progressivey metal thing and played half a dozen gigs about two years ago. Anyway, we're back for a while and up to scratch again, so looking for gigs before the end of the year. Isylore on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Thanks in advance Ross
  14. You can if you're gay. Seriously though, I believe the one day tickets only go on sale much closer to August, cancel work though Hog, the other two days plus camping is not to be missed.
  15. I think its a fucking crock, the only logical explanation for this album is to introduce the older material to fans who thought Arch Enemy began with Angela Gossow - there are plenty of them. I fail to believe Michael Amott just needs something to do. Gossow over does the vocals on these recordings big time, and all they have really done is taken the character out out of the old songs with their super-produced perfection. It was a waste of time when Anthrax did it, and Testament too actually.
  16. Yeah! And I PM'ed you about a magazine spread AND YOU NEVER BOTHERED TO REPLY EITHER!!!! Just kidding... well I did PM you, I'm not mad though. I'm furious. Nah, it's cool. If we're playing opposites. Not.
  17. I need someone to mock a 4-page (double sided A3, folded once) layout, that looks like something from MetalHammer/Terrorizer/relevant music magazine etc. Could do it myself, but probably not as good as I want it, and I just can't be arsed. PM for further details, willing to pay a bit.
  18. Yeah, its utterly brilliant. Couldn't have turned out better for them. There's a good interview with them in MetalHammer this month, sounds like a lot went into it.
  19. Good a chance as any to plug my review and the website I do them for... MetalReview.com - Review of Megadeth - Endgame Top one.
  20. Anyone interested in close harmony barbershop singing? We're having an open rehearsal evening for the public to come witness this Tuesday. We're are always looking for new members, particularly younger folk like myself or just feel free to come down and be entertained. Thanks!
  21. Dayeth


    Girl: "Forgive me father for I have sinned." Priest: "What have you done my child?" Girl: "I called a man a son of a bitch." Priest: "Why did you call him a son of a bitch?" Girl: "Because he touched my hand." Priest: "Like this?" (as he touches her hand) Girl: "Yes father." Priest: "That's no reason to call a man a son of a bitch." Girl: "Then he touched my breast." Priest: "Like this?" (as he touched her breast) Girl: "Yes father." Priest: "That's no reason to call him a son of a bitch." Girl: "Then he took off my clothes, father." Priest: "Like this?" (as he takes off her clothes) Girl: "Yes father." Priest: "That's no reason to call him a son of a bitch." Girl: "Then he stuck his you know what into my you know where." Priest: "Like this?" (as he stuck his you know what into her you know where) Girl: "YES FATHER, YES FATHER, YES FATHER!!!" Priest: (after a few minutes): "That's no reason to call him a son of a bitch." Girl: "But father he had AIDS!" Priest: "THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!"
  22. Fuck yes. Or "Escape from the Planet of the Robot of the Monsters" as it was called when I was a child.
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