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  1. Can no longer get this off work, this is will be something else in Captains. Anyway £15 for the pair. Cheers
  2. I'll take the two Kylesa vinyls please, paypal?
  3. I Currently have a green Pearl Masters Custom kit for sale. The Maple shell drum sizes are as follow's Bass Drum - 20" Tom - 10" Tom - 12" Tom - 14" All the toms are fitted with Pearl ISS mounts and the Bass Drum is undrilled. I am also including all the tom mounting brackets and tom arms. 4 Cymbal stands and a high hat stand. (Mixed hardware Dixon/Gibraltar). The snare drum is not included in this sale! This is a great sounding and durable kit, that has yet to be gigged. I am currently upgrading and I don't want it to just sit and gather dust. It's in excellent condition and I can provide more pictures and a test drive should the buyer require. Available for pick up or drop off. I am looking for around £600 - £650 for the kit - ono. Any inquires? I can be reached on here, mark_mathers@live.com or on 07786552571.
  4. It's a shame. However I thought something was up with the next to no marketing, website never being updated and the phantom Saturday headliner never coming to fruition. Didn't put much confidence in me, I thought a cancellation was possible due to these issues a few weeks back. It wasn't my sort of thing, however if the mystery headliner was announced that might have changed! Its a massive missed opportunity for the city, that's for sure!
  5. Dirty Zenna/TXD and that Eternal whatever band should get together for a tour! Two bands that thought they where the be all and end all of the aberdeen music scene!
  6. Mathe

    TV Series!!

    Yeah man that's what I meant, couldn't remember for the life of me what the title was. Yeah seeing Will Arnett was about as funny as it got!
  7. Mathe

    TV Series!!

    This year brought the end of Lost, which to be honest could have been a fuck ton better. I finally finished watching Twin Peaks, which was amazing. I only wish it didn't lose the magic and continued for a little bit longer. Season 7 of both Curb & Peep show delivered aswell. I seemed to be the only person that enjoyed both Burnistoun & Limmy's Show. I still need to catch up on The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire & Breaking Bad. Stuff that didn't really do it for me - Pete vs The World, The Morgana Show, Tramadol Nights (as much as I tried to like it, its piss poor), Gary Tank Commander, Desperate Fishwives (fucking misrable), The misadventures of Todd Morgan (wtf happened to David Cross) and Whites.
  8. I couldn't narrow it down to one so I made this list of films that entertained me this year Four Lions Whatever Works Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Inception Toy Story 3 Machete Scott Pilgrim vs The World Hot Tub Time Machine Disappearance of Alice Creed Red Salt The Road A Prophet Shutter Island Humpday Cemetery Junction Top Trash - Cop Out, Green Zone, Repo Man & Iron Man 2
  9. Would kill to see Faith No More again, however im pretty sure these wont be the headliners, but you never know!
  10. Killer song, defiantly slapping down a pre-order.
  11. Motorhead are on from 9.30 to 11!
  12. I unfortunately have to work on this day, I'm distraught at this tragedy. However a face value sale will lessen this pain. 25 I can post this out or meet you in town. mark_mathers@live.com
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