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  1. hey folks please check out our debut video for the track "You Aint All That" from our EP YouTube - Retract The Accolade - Ain't All That Thanks!!
  2. yeh we would possibly say we have a more metal tinge. So if we are bein picky call us Southern Rock/Metal or just Southern Metal you decide.
  3. yeah excatly, those bands gave us alot of influence, also the load/reload of metallica we are big fans of. cheers for the feedback
  4. Hey guys just to let you know our brand new EP is now available here: Retract The Accolade Check it out cheers!
  5. Laino86

    Sonisphere 2011

    anyone looking to buy tickets for sonisphere?? Fatsoma | Tickets for Sonisphere Festival 2011 at Knebworth go here and grab 3 & 4 day tickets!! cheers
  6. hey folks we have a new track up on our facebook/myspace Retract The Accolade (NEW LAYOUT UP!) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Welcome to Facebook its called "You Best Hold Your Tongue" let us know what you think!
  7. same time next year aye? was a fun evening! first time i had played in drummonds as well.
  8. i only heard them cover KSE - My Last serenade. I dunno what they have covered in past as the gig we played with them was first time i had seen them.
  9. Looks like they are. they played at tunnels last time we did as well actually.
  10. TOKE are playing but not Late Landing - Nicky & Ben off to America
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