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  1. Does anyone have plastic storage boxes they are looking to shift? Have dvd's/xbox 360 games/PS2+games/ home brewing kit with heating mat I can swap for them if needed.
  2. The original Nintendo wii consoles can play gamecube games. You may have one of them! The newer versions removed the ports for the gamecube controllers though.
  3. Try a Mayones Setius. Amazing quality and tonally they have a lot in common with LPs. I actually don't really get on with mine as it's a hefty chunk of mahogany and a bit too heavy and dark sounding for me. I think the necks are far nicer too but that's personal preference again.
  4. If you don't mind the degree taking forever then Open University?
  5. If you are wanting a realistic tattoo like OP I know Rock N Roll Dundee work by appointments and I can recommend them. I was getting done by Grindesign but Piotr and Rafael were doing tattoos while I was there and their work was fantastic. No clue for Aberdeen though. https://www.facebook.com/dundee.tattoo https://www.facebook.com/rafael.rocknrolltattoo
  6. Another Falling in Reverse monstrosity. They just can't stop making them. For some utterly bizarre reason the founder of Sumerian Records decided to do a Florence and the Machine cover album. For those unaware they mainly have -core bands on the label. Some are actually moderately tasteful spins on the original, some are just straight covers... and there are ones that are just breakdowns with screaming.http://sumerianceremonials.com/
  7. Oh balls. I just went and did the same thing.
  8. My GAS is for one of these. UK pricing hasn't been announced but it will be eye watering so saving is beginning and I can sell my other Mayones to part fund it. Planning to order one with the flamed maple top and a transparent purple finish.
  9. So you want a mega fast neck HS hardtail with 22 frets and unusual woods? Sounds like my main guitar The neck is a copy of my favourite Ibanez neck (read thinnest) made from unfinished wenge. Chambered mahogany body, BKP pickups. It weighs nothing yet is mega resonant.
  10. Depends what you mean by 'old school woods'. Ibanez are now releasing an incredible amount of mid-high end fixed bridge guitars although obviously most are basswood (although there are a lot of nice fixed bridge S models too now) and Jackson have some nice new dinky hardtails (not tuneomatics!). I'm a huge fan of purple and this is dreamy bar the hockey stick headstock. It does become harder if you want HS hardtails specifically though. I'd maybe just go custom for that, worked for me!
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