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  1. Is this a sell out or is there going to be tickets to buy at the door
  2. I just got 4 tickets off seetickets.com about 10 mins ago, I think ticketweb still have some also
  3. 1 Ticket for The Music Wanted, cheers
  4. Thursday 5th March 2009 @ AECC Friday 6th March @ Glasgow Tickets on sale this friday at 10am It was in the sunday mail pull out at the weekend
  5. I have 1 standing ticket for Kings Of Leon for sale 27 PM with if interested
  6. I always thought coleman looked liked milan baros with shorter hair Thought it was a bit harsh to sack coleman but fulham fans seem to think otherwise http://boards.footymad.net/mboard/fmb.php?tno=239&fid=118&sty=2&act=1&mid=2133584061
  7. Am needing 3 tickets for the automatic @ the lemon tree in october, if you only have 1 or 2 spare that would be helpful also, cheers
  8. Does anyone have four standing tickets for the babyshambles gig on monday at the music hall they would be willing to swap with four seating tickets, cheers
  9. I used that predictor and got 3rd : Czech Rep 2nd : Brazil 1st : Holland Just had a look at a few betting sites and holland like quite tempting at 16/1, or even czech rep are worth a shout at 35/1 I think a European team will definately win it this year, only once has a team outside europe won the world cup when it has been held in europe Just can't wait for the world cup, English Prem is getting a bit boring just now
  10. France Italy UKraine Scotland Lithuania Georgia Faroe Islands No bother then 8o
  11. While attempting to climb a barbed wire fence, you lose your grip and fall, slicing your neck in several areas. You bleed to death slowly. Ouch!
  12. Anyone got tickets then, I managed to get for the edinburgh date, can't wait
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