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  1. Hello People, I'm looking for two tickets for A Tribute to Johnny Cash for this Saturday night (16th of Sept) at the Lemon Tree. Has anybody got a couple of spare tickets they'd like to off-load?
  2. I'm a girl - and I love fish. Eat fresh fish about twice a week and tinned/smoked fish once a week. I don't eat red meat, though... A.Pel - have to been to The Chef Jang's in the Aberdeen Market? Their sashimi selection is lovely (if you dig raw fish, that is).
  3. Triptych have updated their website with a media player of past and coming up artists. It's rather fecking good.... http://www.triptychfestival.com
  4. As far as I can remember, going in wouldn't be a problem, but I think some of the eating area is downstairs. . .
  5. There's pre-sales tickets available.... http://www.seetickets.com/sjmmaj/index.asp?link=the+zutons&site=thezutons%20
  6. I had a work function last night and got stuck in a corner with a fruitarian. I'm not making this up, he only ate raw fruit and veg and particular types of seeds and nuts. He doesn't drink anything as there's enough fulids in the fruit. WTF????? No bacon softies or beer, the man must be barmy.
  7. There's also the disused health centre on the corner of Whinhill Road / Great Southern Road. It's a relatively modern ugly square bastard with boarded up windows.
  8. What do you need it for? The old hyrdo building at the bottom of Crown Street is being demolished just now and rebuilt at flats. It's good if you want to take photos of granite blocks....
  9. Yeah, there's plenty of 'service industry' jobs. You can job hunt via the internet if you want to search before you arrive, but you might be better walking from hotel to hotel dropping off your CV.
  10. Aberdeen is an oil and student town. The uni has a good reputation with many foreign students. Industry is based around the North Sea. I've found that Glasgow is better for clubs / nights out and Edinburgh is better for tourist sight-seeing. People from Aberdeen (Aberdonians) are seen as mean with money, but I have found people generally friendly.
  11. http://www.scientomogy.info/south-park.htm link to episode.
  12. http://www.thedeathpsychic.com Not sure if this has been posted here before, but my prediction is that 'while in a hardware store, a strange man picks up an axe and attacks you with it, dismembering your body.' Wanna put down bets?
  13. I went last night, and walked out without giving a donation. The place had a queue out the door (literally) and although I was there by 5pm, I probably wouldn't be taken until 7pm. GRRRRR! Not that I want to put anybody off, you can make an appointment by calling 01224 685685 instead.
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