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local bands set length


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I would have thought the sensible answer would have been - whatever the person booking you wants you to play. I've been on tours where the supports have played 30 minutes, 20 minutes, and then 45 minutes all for the same band, all on the same tour. The 45 minutes was because there were problems and the headlining band were delayed. The same applies, the Lemon Tree occasionally book local bands for 30 minutes and occasionally for 90, so I guess just you play for whatever your paid to.



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Filthpact - 25 minutes usually, if the set runs smoth. by smooth i mean nobody falls over and imaples themselves on an erect cock.

The Butchers of Bakersfield - 10-15 minutes. cos i have no stamina whatsoever when it comes to leaping around lik a fucking loon..

but usually id say 25-30 minutes.

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