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  1. anyone popping down to this, it would be lovely to see you there early, iname are on first and very excited to be playing gigs again
  2. I'm bumping this, because I'm urrently listening to the Talons album again...and its marvelous!
  3. iname are delighted to once again be playing gigs This will be our first gig with new guitarist Conn, formerly of Y Change Costume. smashin'.
  4. whats the black thing that looks kind of like a sports bra? See footballers on sky sports news wearing it all the time.
  5. I'm an Aberdeen fan. I thought the Celtic scarf was quality football banter. Anyone offended is a total twat.
  6. gosh is mighty nice for iname to be nominated. just so people know we are not dead: we are currently recording some songs. Then we will add some more members. Then we will return. Possibly under a new name...
  7. im in the yhear 2021 with nottingham forrest on FM08...can't see myself ever getting a newer version.
  8. This is tonight. 3 ace bands and I cannot stress enough how bloody brilliant Fighterplanes are...so yeah...come along!!
  9. if he doesn't have aspergers then i'll eat my hat
  10. Welcome Mark. Shutterspeed on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Peter Docherty (peterdocherty89) on Twitter that is all.
  11. Saw them in dunfermline on saturday. enjoyable gig. seen them better, but it was really good. velocity is a great venue aswell.
  12. Last night I did this on FM08 season 2016/17 nottingham forrest champions league winners!
  13. this is bloody lovely. its all dreamy and since listening I've doubled my output on the report of optimum nitrogen application for high crop yields that im writing. yay!
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