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  1. Here in Poland, an Agent of Change policy was introduced a couple of years back, putting the onus on whoever has been there the shortest to carry out any necessary soundproofing: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-04/live-music-sound-proofing-law-change-in-victoria/5646570 Simple common sense law - should be far more commonplace than it is.
  2. This. It took moving to Australia to realise my name was 'Matty' and not 'Ma-ae' as I'd always been called back home. I hate MaTTy.
  3. Frustrating game. I'm not convinced by any of our penalty shouts, but do feel Chile got so many very soft free kicks after we'd put in robust but fair tackles. Yet there were a couple of times late in the game when an Aussie was scythed at the edge of the box and nothing doing. Great save from the keeper from the Bresciano half-volley. I think if that goes in then Australia go on and win it. Ultimately, it's the terrible start that buried us. I was interested to see how the A-League players would cope at this level and the first 20 minutes they looked like rabbits in the headlights and it looked like it could get really embarrassing. Once they got to grips with things they were the better side though, especially second half. Just a pity because that was always going to be best chance at notching even a point. It'll be three straight defeats now for certain Still, the future looks bright. Matthew Leckie looked an absolute gun Looking forward to the England game tonight/tomorrow, but the time difference here in Poland is already fucking with me big time.
  4. I'll snatch the Socceroos if they're still going after Delboy's desertion!
  5. http://www.theage.com.au/national/vertical-frontier-20140531-39bdy.html An interview with one of these mad-men.
  6. Absolutely amazing episode. You always know what's coming when someone doesn't take their chance at finishing their opponent off, but still, what a death!
  7. I thought it was clearly Sansa, and couldn't believe when folk at work were treating it like a whodunnit. Reading some of the theories on here has made me re-think though, and I may have jumped the gun... but my money would still be on her. Although it's convenient the cup rolled over to her, it could be that she was always planning something similar but seen that as her chance and grabbed it. And why would The Fool feel the need to whisk her away if it wasn't her? I thought that bit was to show that Sansa and the Fool had concocted a plan after their meeting in the first episode. Also, Sansa saved The Fool from a death by wine at the hands of Joffrey, so it would make sense in a literary foreboding kinda way if they turned the tables on him. She obviously isn't lacking in motives either. It clearly wasn't Tyrion, he's too smart to get caught seemingly red-handed. Olenna is a possible shout though, she seems too wise to be a happy clapper whilst her daughter marries a cunt such as Joffrey. Great show, ken.
  8. Threw a football boot off the manager's head when I 'worked' at Sportsworld. Got the sack days later.
  9. I've signed up for a 10k taking place at the end of April. My only of competitive running was in the 2012 Inverness 10k which I managed in managed 49 minutes or so. I'd be chuffed to bits if I could get sub-50 again. I'm trying to stick to some sort of regular training schedule for it, but it's been hard to get out. 40+ degree days become the norm in Melbourne this time of year and it takes it all outta me to go just a few kilometres. Signed up to a gym recently to make use of the air-con. I've never felt all that comfortable on a treadmill but it's going well so far. Did 10ks in 69 minutes the other day whilst watching an episode of True Detective on the treadmill screen which was surprisingly easy.
  10. Watched parts of this the other day. The baddie, Charn, is genuinely a creepy motherfucker.
  11. +1 Not half as good as Bob's video for 'Must Be Santa' but it's good fun.
  12. -matthEw-


    Tonight - Neutral Milk Hotel Saturday - out in the city for a mate's 30th Sunday - movie and pizza night with the buld
  13. Satisfying ending .Vince Gilligan had said the obvious ending wasn't necessarily the wrong ending and I'm glad it played it safe. I'm just relieved they didn't pull an episode out their arse that may have ruined my perception of 5 seasons of genius. Walt was always going have to use his science to take down the nazis, but Gun Car was a bit of a let down for me. That aside, no complaints.
  14. Quick question for those who are good at these things... I've got a PS3 and XBOX. I prefer the controller and achievements on the 360, so I'd prefer to get it on that. However, I've got one of the first models and not sure if I've got 8gb free on the hard-drive. I could delete some of the retro games I've got installed but I'd prefer not to tbh. I've got a Toshiba Story Teller external hard-drive with a USB connection. Could I just install it on there? If so, would it then just be a case of playing it with the disc in the console as long as I had the hard-drive connected to the console? Also, are the graphics largely the same on both? If it's noticably better on the Playstation I'll probably get it on that, but if it's similar, and it's not too much hassle to install on the XBOX I'll get it for that I reckon. Thanks
  15. I thought that episode was balls to the walls brilliant, from start to finish.
  16. I think I'll definitely be staying in Melbourne for the medium term, but planning to return to home eventually. Really not sure when that will be, but I just can't imagine my long term future being anywhere but Aberdeen. . Melbourne's an amazing city (officially the most 'liveable' city in the world in 2013 again - The Economist) that is hard to tire of and I love my life here. I've got a decent job, nice apartment and a local buld. I still shudder handing over the equivalent of 6 quid just for a pint mind, but all is well here. Of course I get home sick now and then, especially on the back of a freezing winter whilst it seems Scotland enjoyed a decent summer (or at least a few gorgeous days). But I was living with a mate from Scotland for a bit and have another really close mate from school living nearby which helps. Unlike many on here, it obviously isn't feasible to head home on a regular basis, it'd cost an arm and a leg and eat into a huge chunk of my annual leave that I'd prefer to use exploring this side on the world rather than a fortnight with my mates and family back home. But maybe that makes it easier as I'd really need to plan it well in advance so it's never even contemplated... though I have ring-fenced a 'Cup Final' fund so should the Dons make it I'll be ready to leave at the drop of a hat.
  17. A client heard my name on the phone yesterday as 'Mackindoo'.
  18. Going to head to Falls Festival in Tasmania Poland over New Years. Went to the Victoria one this year and it was far and away the best festival I've ever been to.
  19. No such worries given I live in Melbourne Poland. Going to try and get a ground pass for tomorrow's final, or if that fails, head down to Federation Square for it. Most are predicting Djokovic will have too much for Murray but I've got a feeling Murray can sneak it. Fingers crossed.
  20. Went to the beach after breakfast for some beers and a swim. Drove back and fired up the BBQ - had some amazing Kangaroo steaks. More beers in the sun. Watched first season of Breaking Bad. 10/10
  21. Quality stuff. Costco sell it by the crate if you can get hold of someone with a card.
  22. Threesomes are always a good idea at the time, but get really awkward afterwards. Love Chuck Berry
  23. 100% accuracy It's definitely far harder to copy complete gibberish than it is to copy a genuine piece of text or something though.
  24. Great goal from Dorans in the Highland derby!
  25. Victory becoming shite pretty much coincided with my arrival to Poland Dublin Melbourne unfortunately. They're still far and away the biggest team in the A-League though and the atmosphere when they play at the AAMI can be pretty special. I was at the first ever Victory v Heart game, and the atmosphere was incredible: They certainly do love their rivalries in Aussie Rules. I was at Essendon v Collingwood on ANZAC day 2011. 100,000+ in the MCG. Probably the best sporting spectacle I've seen.
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