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  1. What exactly is he lacking. I can see in that picture that there is a chance that she is attractive.
  2. Yeah, people often find things that they find hard to comprehend "boring."
  3. Hehe, like you don't love this shit. Bollocks you dont I've done two of those four things today. Which ones though?
  4. You do like that word dont you? Ignorant, I mean. go here www.thesaurus.com and find another adjective yeah? cool.
  5. How on earth am I gonna fuck kids with no balls? hmmm? Hadn't thought of that one had we?
  6. She is 24 later this year mate. Shame on me huh?
  7. Hahahaha...and then you're there to pick up the scraps aren't you vulture boy! You're the best!
  8. Ahh, now, again you prove to be very silly. I was arguing the point from what has happened to others, not to me. Didn't you get that from this discussion? Oh well, it's not surprising really. If you're going to ask every female you have interest from* to see their passport or driving licence then it's not the only thing you won't be getting either. *Probably not an issue anyway.
  9. I'm glad too. I'm also glad to have figured out you're as retarded as you look
  10. Absolutely. You keep Id'ing females and lets see how much play you actually get.
  11. Right, so we went right around the houses for you to get to THAT point. You should be a politician.
  12. No, you just fail to see my point. You're making NO SENSE champ! Of course bars shouldn't do that. Ok so, basically before any of these band members do anything with anyone they should ID them. Is that the point you're making? That is the only one I can see you must be trying to get across.
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