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  1. I think I'm going to go to Chao Phraya next Thursday or Friday. Looks lovely but will need a few trips to try all the dishes that I want! I presume it's easy enough to find if you just follow Regent Road round? Cant say I've been out in Aberdeen to eat much recently but one meal I had that was amazing was the sweet chilli prawn & chorizo flatbread in Revolution. Mmmmmmmm! There's a wee pic of it. Looks like a Photoshopped lemon.
  2. Really gutted to see it go. I got kitted out with all my saxophone needs for the duration I played in school and latterly in my band. My mum and I used to regularly go for lunch in the cafe at weekends but with me working 2 jobs every weekend, I haven't been for ages. Wishing all the best to all staff involved.
  3. I was there on Brian May night too and it was brilliant. I've never been a massive fan of Queen but I absolutely loved it. Sure the story was a bit corny but the songs were done so well. Would definitely recommend it to anyone pondering whether or not to go!
  4. I used to love The Belmont but must confess that I haven't been since seeing Alice In Wonderland last year (March/April). I got an Unlimited Cineworld card as a Christmas gift and have a LoveFilm account so between those two, I tend not to want to spend 7+ on a cinema ticket. I find the building quite drab (I know it's the films you go to see, not the building) and the screens too small. Saying that, the seats are the comfiest in Aberdeen! Also, I have found a couple of members of staff to be rather gloomy, borderline rude, over the years (thought having not been in a year, I am unsure if they still work there). It would be sad to see it go, but as the saying goes, use it or lose it. How many of the people signing the petition go on any sort of regular basis? Should it be bought over, given a lick of paint and introduce some deals/film seasons as suggested, I would be tempted to happily head back.
  5. Agreed. I did this with my mum around 7/8 times whilst I was learning and it helped loads, just going over things a million times. Not sure how my mum coped but it was worth it! I just passed my driving test last week (after a year of lessons and 1 failed test just before Christmas) after taking lessons with BSM (total waste of money; got sucked in by the 10 hours for 200 deal but had the most boring and creepy instructor going) and 1st Driver Training after my 10 hours with BSM were up. It's just one guy called Andy Stubbs and he was awesome. Had such a laugh with him and would recommend him to anyone. He wasn't pushy at all and was just generally a pleasure to learn with. http://www.1stswift.co.uk/ if anyone's interested!
  6. I've been on the 12.99 tariff for almost a year and haven't had any problems. Only thing is I have received the 'extras' DVD for a couple of films but should've probably ticked the no box myself. I'm guilty of sometimes taking a bit too long to send DVDs back (I usually watch them within 2 days of getting them yet take a few days to send them back) but that's my own fault, and I've never had to wait more than a few days, apart from over Christmas and New Year. I do love it though, always get excited as to what's coming 'cause I don't check it on the site. I try not to buy too many DVDs so this is a great way to watch ones I wouldn't have wanted to pay say 5 or more for. Got Love Me If You Dare last week, what a cracker
  7. BBC - Food - Recipes - Baked Spanish risotto Try that out, seriously one of my favourite meals. The rosemary just makes it. I went to Rustico last night and had THE finest spicy tomato pasta with king prawns and lots of Peroni. I need to go there more often. Mmmmmm.
  8. *Amy*

    Your current read?

    I've just finished a wee gem of a book about John McEnroe called..... 'On Being John McEnroe' by Tim Adams and thoroughly enjoyed it! Adams was almost obsessed with McEnroe during his time on the tour (and beyond but it's focussed on the '70s and '80s). The research he did ranging from sponsorship to partners was brilliant and the psychological side of the game is covered, which is clearly handy when you're speaking about a guy like McEnroe. The changes within the game and society (mainly British as the focus is on Wimbledon) over the years are wonderfully linked with the game and players at the time. Would definitely recommend this for a fan of the man and game or any sports fan really! I've also almost finished 'White Teeth' by Zadie Smith which I'm not entirely sure that I'll actually bother finishing. I expected to really like this but to be honest I've found it pretty boring and try-hard. If it didn't cover race, religion, gender etc in the way it did it would be dire. The time scale it's written in is pretty impressive in that you don't feel like you've missed out on chunks of any of their lives but I've never really warmed to any of the characters except Irie. Hmmmm.
  9. This thread has just inspired me to set up a LastFM page. Good times. Nae chance of it recognising any other trends aside from 'Overall'? Anyways, Your musical compatibility with lesleydickson is Low Music you have in common includes Biffy Clyro, Hot Water Music, Jimmy Eat World, Fugazi and Marmaduke Duke. amyspineapples Music Profile Users at Last.fm
  10. *Amy*

    Women's Tennis

    Really not a fan of women's tennis at all and very rarely watch it. The Williams sisters do very little in between the Slams then just turn up and dominate which really isn't fair on those who are hard workers for the rest of the year. Fair enough they're the "best" around but the wham, bam, thank you mam of it all is so boring. I read that they miss mandatory events too without being penalised, which is rubbish. I'd love to see some of the Russians they churn out raise their game and get some serious competition on the go sometime soon. As for the grunting, Jesus H. Early on the first week of Wimbledon McEnroe said it all on the highlights programme about just how ridiculous and unnecessary it is, and had a well-justified pop at that young Portuguese girl who said it's part of her game and personality. Whatever. How many of the top male players do it? A small handfull, and even then it's only a fraction of the noise. I really could not watch a match for longer than 5 minutes with that shit. Does it not waste energy too? Utterly pointless. I'd knock 100 off for every grunt, that'd teach them.
  11. I'll be down after work, really looking forward to it. I've been meaning to set up a Spotify account forever so thanks for the head-up Steve!!
  12. Loving this weather, everyone's so much happier! I spent the weekend in Manchester with my band recording our new EP. The studio was in a nice location near the canal, which was sweet for getting some sun. I wasn't needed on Saturday at all so spent the whole day in a wee park. We finished at around 7 last night, bought some drink and found a nice spot by the river:
  13. The Lock-Up Stage at Leeds/ Reading is bloody brilliant but I've seen most bands I'd want to see there already and know a few of them are doing headline dates around it, including The Flatliners, Streetlight Manifesto and and A Wilhelm Scream, so I'll hopefully catch one or two then! I'm going to Rebellion in August after touring for a fortnight. Really can't wait for it, and it's going to be the first festival I've been to. The line-up is fab, most excited for Jaya the Cat, Chief, Sonic Boom Six (& Baby Boom), Suicide Bid, Chris Murray, Babar Luck, The Skints, Babylon Whackers, JB Conspiracy, The King Blues & H20... H20!!!!
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