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  1. I liked it mate, a pleasant wee tune
  2. first thing to make me genuinely laugh on here in ages!!!
  3. When it comes to the stuff I'm writing for PotE because of the extreme prog element to the songs I have to have a complete musical composition written first before I think of lyrics. As all the songs are conceptual and interlinked I do think about the feel of what I'm wanting when I'm writing the music, then join the songs thematically through the lyrics. I find the best way is just to pick up the guitar and piece riffs together, maybe record the riffs and check to see if they're ding, or I'll tend to float them past my partner in prog and he'll let me know what should be happening. Last month I finished writing an 11minute concept song where no two riffs are the same, then I had the difficult task of putting lyrics to it. I knew what I wanted story-wise out of the song but it was just a case of sitting at my desk for an hour bashing out lyrics. Eventually I got it done and my original idea had been expanded. I think forcing inspiration can be a good idea. Just start with a word/title/expression/thought and just go mental with it, you'll be surprised at what you come up with.
  4. I play a 5 string so my thumb rests on the 5th string to provide support most of the time although I do sometimes rest on the pick up. The most important thing is comfort, as you don't want to damage your wrist etc. So make sure you're not battering the strings with your fingers, you don't have to pluck hard to get a good hard sound. Your wrist should be relaxed and flexible, you will eventually find a position that won't hurt. Also your hand is used to playing at an angle to hold a pick rather that the stright down position for finger playing, so that might have something to do with why you're feeling a bit of pain.
  5. I've always been a finger bassist too and it's probably going to be a bit of a transition from playing as if you're palm muting to the more open finger styley. My advice is probably pretty shit but, just start slow, play along to bands that have a reasonable pace. A good point to start is any of the Jason Newstead Metallica stuff. The hard rock riffs will be perfect to break in your fingers into something at a medium pace, whilst still retaining some complexity. It'll take a couple of weeks for your calluses to come in on your index and middle fingers, which might be really annoying and hinder playing. Just play through them and battle on, they'll soon pass, and you'll be ready for much faster epic stuff
  6. Infinity is a fantastic album, definitely one of his best. I'm still undecided which Hyperdrive I like. The original Ziltoid one is really emotive and subtle, where as the new one with Anneke's vocal is a lot more in your face, kinda dancey and more produced. Only 4 months until Deconstruction and Ghost are released, simply can't wait!
  7. Forgot about those fuck-knuckles! The most dreary feculence and stupid random lyrics that have no meaning in the slightest. They think they're dynamic musicians when they are just simply..... cunts. The good thing about having so much shite out there is that it helps you find all the stuff thats proper bo.
  8. Good shout, fucking terrible band! Oh and Pearl Jam, over-rated shite in a box too
  9. U2, cannot stand that over-rated smug crap!!
  10. Thats a strong lager not a beer
  11. oh and here's the link to the brand new Bend it Like Bender vid :
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