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  1. It's cool you have so much to say about the place and i'm glad you remember it for the best part fondly. Important thing I think you've missed here with regards to Saturday nights & Air Guitar. Moshulu didn't move away from their "Key Demographic", Air Guitar was not a well attended club night. It did well to start but after about 3 months it settled into getting 100 folk through the door most weeks. Saturday nights were always a tricky sell in Moshulu, especially due to the success of Bond*age on the Fridays. I always find these discussions difficult as one thing I always admired about the RFR days in Moshulu/Bassment was how easy going and approachable all involved were. I remember the club nights being a really good atmosphere as a result. This was always the downfall for me though, the 'Alt' crowd is a fickle (and young) beast, one that the guys always tried to cater for. However on many occasions, no matter how often people would bray for a new night (be it Goth, old school metal, thrash, pop-punk), the actual demand was never there and the night would be canned within a few weeks/months. I think it's a shame, but because the RFR guys were always so keen to cater to their Friday night crowd everyone would start to treat the place like a social club in someones garage, not a business. Air Guitar's time had been up for a long time, it frequently didn't make money on a Saturday night, at the risk of upsetting the regulars, mixing it up and bringing in fresh nights had to happen eventually. I guess basically what I'm getting at is, it's very easy to suggest Moshulu 'sold out' (especially when Barfly came along), but when your customers no longer turn up do you just keep opening week after week and hope they come back or do you make changes. Cheers, Ross
  2. Hmmmmm.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZhnTY_tdeU&feature=share
  3. Rass

    Ps3 ylod

    Good effort making it that long with the original beast, im on my third launch gen console now and both times i've shelled out for the reconditioned unit. My advice, if your feeling brave go with the unofficial but cheaper fix, otherwise i think Sony run some kind of program where they give you a newer slim PS3 for cheap in some kind of part exchange for the croaked one. Not sure if theres a problem with the reconditioned units or if its just those early PS3's being prone to cocking up, but i'm on my third one, JimmyB's on his 5th and I know of a few others in pretty similar situations.
  4. Rass

    Portal 2

    Utterly freaking Awesome. The end of the single player just left me in stunned silence. Cannot wait to get back online and fire into the co-op! GLaDOS is still easily my favourite character in years, the writing is awesome. Oh to answer JohnW, yes the single player is more like 6-8 hours rather than 2-4 of the first one.
  5. Maybe the 4/5 year old mushy horrible Moorings gif could do with an update too? It offends my eyes on a daily basis.
  6. Hate to be the asshole, but is it not just a 3D model projected onto a 2D screen? like at school but the screens made of glass and its projected from behind? Nonetheless, the vocals are pretty incredible, reckon they were prerecorded and the band played along or somehow performed 'live' by a machine/person?
  7. Yo, Go to Edit>Preferences>Advanced in iTunes, are the "Keep iTunes Media Folder Organised" or "Copy files to iTunes Media Folder...." options selected? Basically, if the latter IS ticked then you'll already have two copies of everything, so if you delete it all from your iTunes Library (keeping files) then re-add everything you'll end up with duplicates ahoy. Best thing to do is if you've got the time, ignore the iTunes Library for now, bung all the actual files in one place (on an external HD would do it, extra bonus of a backup) if you're completely certain you have everything, delete your iTunes Library in iTunes (select all your music, hit Del, keep files when it asks) then go and delete the contents of your iTunes Music folder (if you wanna save podcasts, they live in that folder, in a folder called Podcasts, so dont delete it if you wanna save downloading again). Now you're clear of your library and all your stuff is safe, either untick both those selections i mentioned above, then just File>Add to library>choose folder containing all music. OR Slightly more complicated but you could create a folder called iTunes (or whatever you fancy) on your external HD, make it your "iTunes media folder location" under the advanced tab mentioned earlier, tick both those aforementioned buttons then add all the music to your library. Then it will copy it all and arrange it all into some kind of order whilst keeping it on your HD away from your computer, and every time you add music going forward it will copy it and organise it in the iTunes folder. - Only bugger with this one i found was if you unplug your Hard Drive on a regular basis and it gives it a different drive letter, it wont be able to find where your Library's stored and ALL your music will come up with the wee "could not find" exclamation mark. Pain in the ass. Yeah, i get a bit Trinny and/or Suzanna with my Music Library. Hope you get it sorted!
  8. Was gonna say, they have a bar there already. Given the story is just a snippet I guess theres a bit more to it, maybe they were applying to allow punters to take their drinks out of the existing bar area and into the screens or something.
  9. Have you uninstalled and re-installed iTunes? Tis one of the things it recommends on the Apple Support site. I vaguely recall many moons ago having a similar problem where one of my anti virus/spyware/whatever programs had pretty much crippled iTunes by doing something untoward with a working file or something. Give it a bash, if you've got space backup your tunes just in case, never know. Hope you get it sorted.
  10. that and they have always complained about it, can only guess that the new bosses are a wee bit more "pushy/persistent" when it comes to complaining...
  11. Presuming your talking about the 'olden days' when it was run independently (like when you flyered there, that era), the rent changed alot and the building has changed hands at least once since then. I'm not even getting into your comment about running at a loss coz frankly it's my bad for getting so easily irked by 'know it all's. When it was run independently as a wee bar with an interesting food & drinks menu open every day from 12-12 with an attached nightclub which operated 2/3 times a week it was in it's prime as far as im concerned. It changed hands for whatever reason and when it was touted as a 'Venue", focus shifted completely from bar with night club attached to "venue" with bar attached, new owners with no idea what to do with a bar let alone a kitchen. And yeah, why they didnt soundproof when they refurbed is anyones guess though probably has alot in common with why they didn't re-enforce the dancefloor (which bent to terrifying degrees and was never built to have 400+ jumping on it in unison), because those things were very wrong with the place but very expensive to fix. End of day the cavernous hole wasn't built to be a venue and really needed gutted and built from scratch. Anyway, grumpy rants aside I cant say im surprised, but i am incredibly sad that Bassment has closed as a result, I always felt it had a great deal of potential, and at least when i worked there, there were a great bunch of really committed guys behind the bar, an awesome atmosphere and a great bunch of regulars. Shame the way the building works it's not really possible to run Bassment as a separate entity from it's club/venue/albatross.
  12. Rass

    Portal 2

    Thought he sounded like Neil Morrissey actually, I wonder if Mike Patton will be reprising his role as "Anger Sphere". If word is to believed that this is "the game" to Portals "proof of concept" i'll most likely be found damaging myself on a nightly basis awaiting it's arrival.
  13. Steven left quite recently as far as i know, try giving the venue a ring, no idea who replaced him if anyone.
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