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  1. So my launch 60 GB PS3 finally has given up. tbf i've had it for a good few years, 4 maybe? I've rang playstation and they said they do an exchange (like for like) for about 135. :-( Does anyone know if this can be fixed for much less than that? Or i suppose is anyone looking to sell their PS3?
  2. Not really sure where to put this. I have a Tapco S5 monitor that is in need of repair (beyond changing out the fuse, which I have obviously tried). Does anyone know of or can anyone recommend where/how I can get this speaker repaired? (it is out of standard manufacturers warranty) Thanks
  3. Anyone wanting rid of a (standard 19") rack case? Needs to be 3U minimum but would obv consider larger ones.
  4. eBay link One last stab for anyone on here. The BUY IT NOW price is 525 + 25 del. I will sell to anyone on here (and local) for 500. If not will just have to hope the people watching it start bidding! :-/ (bump)
  5. right been long enough, guess I'll need to try eBay. how do you go about pricing a delivery of a large item? just ring up a DHL/CityLink etc and approx dimensions and weight?
  6. Thanks man, anyone else interested? Also on Gumtree and will be going on to eBay soon. (hate selling on eBay though :/) (Bump).
  7. I am Aberdeen based so looking to sell locally before hitting up the dreaded eBay. I am selling my M-Audio ProjectMix I/O. The desk is in MINT condition and has hardly been used. For those who are unaware the 'Mix is a 8 channel (XLR or 1/4" TRS) audio interface that acts as both your soundcard and as a control surface. It has motorised touch sensitive faders which are very cool, along with a number of other cool touches. In addition to the 8 channels it has light pipe ability to hook up an additional 8 channel, plus 2 digital (S/PDIF) so potentially 18 channels. I will also include my copy of Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3. Not the latest edition, but still a very good version capable of almost anything you'd need to do. Hopefully anyone seriously reading this will already know all about it but if not I'm sure you can google it and find out more. These retail for approx 1000 new, I am looking for 600. And I'll even deliver it to you (Aberdeen area) and help out as best I can. Get in touch via this thread or a PM. Thanks a lot. Tooms.
  8. Tooms

    Russia's Got Talent

    the video isn't loading out here for me. but from what you said, i'm not sure if an arrow really would snap your head back. if fired at speed, the tip is so small that the pressure exerted could be massive...easily enough to pass through flesh/bone before it's even realised. but i don't know. i can't see it and honestly not sure i want to. HOWEVER, this would have probably hit the news if it was real? Seeing how big that kind of show is in the world just now.
  9. Hey fatty...I got a movie for you! A fridge too far! (to complete the Simpson's joke) This thread has lightened my day, it's fucking hilarious.
  10. i too have sky broadband, but i have sky tv so it made sense! the line itself is fine but agree about the routers. first router i got sent (netgear) just plain didn't work. second one works fine but not in the normal telephone socket, had to pop off the cover and plug it directly into the "test" socket. - don't ask me why! thankfully i can't really see this as it is behind my tv but it WAS a bit of a hassle getting it set up.
  11. yeah departures are fucking beast, but this will still be an awesome show. oh and apparently the venue at Korova is going to be the shit!! I think the Friday rock night is transferring to there as of next week so if you wanted to check out the venue just go along then. (plus it's free entry, cheap drinks and good tunes!)
  12. i'd play that just because it'd be ridiculously hilarious.
  13. Tooms


    negative rep points? ....erm...who the fuck cares about rep points? Plus those jokes were awful and i wasted a good few minutes of my life reading them which i'll never get back.
  14. just do a bunch of spaces then a full stop.
  15. maybe there's another touring band playing that we don't know about? or maybe they want to give ETID a really long set? (something i definitely wouldn't be against) however if not i can't see the reason in keeping it a 3 band bill?? early curfew maybe because it is midweek? i dunno...
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