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  1. In all honesty Bad company 2 is not the best in the series but it is better than MW2. Other Battlefield games are totally engrossing, I've been playing since 2002 as it is!
  2. I was joking. Get some humour up yer
  3. Will have this tomorrow. So far its 94 on Metacritic so it can't be a let down!
  4. Maybe he just thought it was shit.
  5. Ach theres no point in listing everything I've ever completed, my gaming years go far to way back to even remember but I don't think I have ever started a game and not complete it. Oh except Ninja gaiden 2 that game is HARD. As for 360 gaming every game I have played I have complete but not all 100% achieved everything, some games just asked too much to do that. Lost Planet comes to mind. I have over 40 xbox games at 100% done whether its the full 1000 or beyond and I have about 5 or 6 fully completed arcade titles. Theres still a few titles I'm working on (and have been for a while) that I have never finished. Less than 1000GS till I hit 100k in total. Can't wait for Red Dead!
  6. Tunes are class dude but I don't like the recordings in all honesty. Something doesn't sound right. It's almost as if Steve was told to drum in the shed in the garden and bang as hard as poss, while the rest of you squeeze in a tight boxed up room. In some parts it all comes together but just sounds like whoever engineered it didn't spend much time doing much engineering.
  7. Apologies man, it's hard enough getting practice sorted with these offshore types!
  8. Here's some of mine, I have a few Mustang photos which I havnt uploaded to the storefront yet so will post them later. My Dodge Charger My Fiesta... Yes mock the pinkness but it handles like a dream! more to come...
  9. In defense of my standstill operation I had no where to move! Who seriously sticks a bass cab on the end of the stage or a boom stand between people?!
  10. Well I was actually saying I appreciate your abilities, your a sick drummer. But come to think of it yeah.
  11. Whoa and you are pushing boundaries? Same reason why I had the oppertunity to leave. I appreciate ability and all but seriously your hardly the dogsnutz . As for the rest I agree, Gabby S isn't my cup of tea. Its got that stench of metalcore all over it but I enjoying playing with the dudes being mates and all. What qualifies as being a sheep though?
  12. Haha if only. What happened to musicianship and all that. Appreciating other bands regardless of whether they like it or not. Shit if only I could stay for one and a half songs and make a pretencious opinion. I thought it was a good night, didn't stay for the last half as I have seen all the others before...
  13. Well I downloaded it on Tuesday and mangaed to get through it entirely on wednesday, can't mind exactly how long it took me but it's the biggest DLC area wise, it's also quite refreshing to have some different scenery and overall I thought it was brill. Something satisfying about the Lever rifle. Missions are plentiful, wonderous and weird. I'm hoping the next DLC will be as good if not better!
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