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  1. I only put it on here due to nobody else doin it. There are other forms of advertising available to the promoter (which I am not), which, as far as I'm aware, were used e.g. Posters and Facebook event thingies
  2. No Trigger Heartsounds Hounds Limited by Liberty Doors - 8pm Tickets - £8 (maybe £10 on the door)
  3. This gig will be a Nitrogen Promotions birthday party show as it'll be 3 years to the day since I started. Look out for some special treats in the lead up to this and on the night!
  4. James to headline friday night. Saw it in today's evening
  5. Same review can be found here but seems to be rated differently for whatever reason - Luke Leighfield | Have You Got Heart? | CD Review
  6. Not Advised should blow everyone away! Come down and find out
  7. see link - Smoke | Haze & Bubble Machines | DJ & House Party Accessories | Atmosphere Lighting & Sound
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