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  1. threeornothing


    Never saw them live but were ok as far as melodic-leatherface-cloney punk from Dundee goes.....oh wait thought this was about music
  2. threeornothing

    Your electronic productions

    Sounds a cool idea, I would come along to have a look anyway! Providing its not a load of folk staring at laptops it would be cool! Have a laugh at some this https://soundcloud.com/synthpopshit
  3. threeornothing

    Emu Emax1 - Classic 80S Sampler Keyboard + Loadsa Discs

    Got nothing sold! Which is good and bad....in no major rush to sell it now, will see after xmas! Lot of nice new toys come out recently tho....thats why I just wanted to get rid of everything and try forget about it all
  4. threeornothing

    Emu Emax1 - Classic 80S Sampler Keyboard + Loadsa Discs

    Granted I dont have the HDD Second edition....but here is the sorta price these are fetching in euro markets! Might just hold onto mine yet! http://www.ebay.de/itm/261274682291?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  5. threeornothing

    Audio Interface help/favour

    Also, take it you are just trying to record 16bit 44.1khz? I wouldn't try anything higher on USB.
  6. threeornothing

    Audio Interface help/favour

    Look into a firewire interface (although sadly these look to be on the way out). I had a year of grief with a USB interface and haven't looked back since going to firewire 5 years ago. I also think Reaper may be part of the problem, have you tried any other DAW's? Cubase is the way to go....Reaper to me looks like how Cubase looked 15 years ago, and more buggy! Also, check your Windows power settings. Newer versions of windows seem to want to enforce power saving options on you, you always want this to be Max Performance mode. How many USB devices are you trying to use? If you try and use USB hard drives at the same time as a USB audio interface that would cause big issues. Other obvious things like trying another USB cable, different USB port etc? Good thread here on some diganostic tools to get audio running for reaper. This looks like to much work to me! http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=30896 Just out of interest, what is your latency set at? I always needed at least 12ms with USB!
  7. threeornothing

    All or nothing sale - anyone interested.....?

    OK interest noted, but I'll be honest...the RC and Les Paul are probably bottom of my priority of things I want to sell, sorry. If you do a search on my previous posts you should find some pics I had posted of the guitar and the damage to the neck, it is the usual Les Paul neck damage I'm told!
  8. threeornothing

    All or nothing sale - anyone interested.....?

    Trying to raise at least 1000 so please if you are interested in anything let it be known (post pic of you holding the cash for first dibs! )
  9. threeornothing

    Ipad synth

    Animoog is pretty amazing....theres the korg stuff but im not a fan of the vst's so not sure how the ipad versions will sound, no doubt the same. Arturia have a minimoog app but im pretty certain nothing beats the animoog. Someone managed to find a deal for me so it was just a quid aswell!!! This would be sweet... http://www.synth-project.de/animoog.html
  10. threeornothing

    Old School Punk And Oi Cover Bands...

  11. threeornothing

    Simpsons Quotes

    I need to download season 10 again I think, that's some of my favourite episodes there. Some great one liners also! "Let's just say I'm sitting in the right chair!" Looking at the episodes in season 11 it might be right that thats the end of the era, couple of crap ones there.
  12. threeornothing

    Last film you watched?

    Last film I saw was Now You See Me. It was ok but without giving it away, plot chops and changes about too fast then the ending becomes quite predictable. Younger cast are pretty grim aswell.