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  1. Cheers for coming down folks. Have to say that it surpassed our expectations in terms of turn out, atmosphere and feedback on the day. We knew we would have a good day just no idea how well it would be received. A significant factor on a repeat event will be the labels thoughts. That said the guys on the day that travelled loved it as did all that came through the door. The labels have all taken part in other markets around the country and easily the most enjoyable. The venue, bar and DJ's made it. A sub element of organising this was getting the Scottish Music Industry Association to start looking farther north than the central belt (they have been very keen too but no one has asked before) so fair to say we now have their attention so we hope and expect other industry events to appear. All in good time though as we are still digesting last week. John and me will require several post event beer business meetings to discuss. Cheers again if you came along, hung around for a few beverages, bought records you needed and wanted, walked about with a grin on your face and simply supported the day and the labels, both national and local, by turning up.
  2. We are also pleased to inform that if you have previously or newly released material and would like to be part of the label market iiMusic are hosting a stall to support local musicians and bands. Go here for more info http://57north.org/news/independent-label-market-iimusic-call-local-releases
  3. Been a while since i've been active in here. Just bigging up a new local label that is focusing on experimental music, electronica and sonic art. So far two releases: 'Tides' is a compilation album of know names across the local scene and also my own first solo album 'Everything Breathes and Moves'. Both available at www.comprenderecords.bandcamp.com or via iiMusic. We will be announcing another release quite soon and looking forward to help develop the experimental scene that is growing in Aberdeen. www.comprenderecords.bandcamp.com www.jimewen.bandcamp.com www.comprenderecords.org.uk
  4. As much a social event as a chance to buy music from local and Scotland's leading record labels. Bar will be open, Snacks available and DJ's playing through the event. Reduced price tickets will also be available for the Stanley Odd gig taking place in the evening. Top day all round I'd say.
  5. Bumping this back up to the top of the page, hopefully. Great opportunity for young musicians to try something out, challenge themselves and learn some new things. Please spread the word if you know of any young bands that are itching to step up and gain some experience.
  6. Delivery of workshops and advice sessions will be courtesy of the local, (Aberdeenshire wide) music community that has a great deal of experience across a variety of related areas. Names are still being confirmed but producers, promoters, songwriters, label owners, musicians, will be involved. The breadth of knowledge that exists, and is growing all the time, in the region, as I/we are learning, is eye opening.
  7. see 'Rock Up' if you are a young musician looking for some next steps workshops http://www.aiyf.org/Educational-Projects
  8. Cheers Dave. No need though my coms have reached him. Ta
  9. Any of you fine knowledgable people have a working email address for The Mill Recording Studio? Ta Jim
  10. Yeah full blooded American I believe. Gonna hang onto it I reckon and its never been out of lent out. Aberdeen based.
  11. Not looking to swap I'm afraid. Just making initial enquiries into selling options. Have a Les Paul Gold Top that is a rather spiffing and covers my mediocre guitaring needs.
  12. Thinking about selling said guitar. It has the case and paperwork and pretty much in mint condition given his senior years. Can anyone recommend a good selling place and or evaluation process? To be honest not really wanting to move it on but needs must, probably...
  13. Retro Rebels became Rebel Ink. Lee is still there. Both Lee and Paul do very very good work. There are a few good shops in Aberdeen and some I wouldn't recommend having worked in Rebel Ink and booked in a number of fixes for major fuck ups from other fly by night newbies around town. Letsjust say that if the name has been above the door for some time then its a safe bet in Aberdeen. In no way suggesting some of the newer shops with a first language of English are at all bad though. Just do the required homework before getting a tattoo.
  14. Its all about bums on seats. A small venue is needed and would be a fantastic addition. That said balancing the finances is all about one or two packed nights and the rest being okay or a steady and regular use. Income and expenditure balance and trying to be as many things to as many people without compromising too much.
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