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  1. Stiks and Kev have done a lot of my friends and are top notch but I dont wish to wait....does that mean I should expect less? That is why I asked the question. Paul at Rebel Ink has some good worked displayed on Facebook so may look into him Someone mentioned Green64. Looked at their page on facebook and it was rough, same goes for Rosemount Tattoo.
  2. There is always one...and you are that person
  3. I will punch you on the nose....
  4. and if any one say UTFS i will punch there fucker.... All threads turn to shit and are full of so much shit talk its hard to pick out the relevant info.
  5. Hi folks Anyone got thoughts on the new tattoo studios. I have had most of my tatts done at Richards, dont wish to wait months for Dracionian so was wondering about the shop on Rosemount or Tattoo Freak on King street. Any folk on here with reviews of either shop? Thanks in advanced
  6. Bumping it up, its only a couple of weeks away
  7. manalive

    Bagpipe Hero

    Guitar Hero...but with pipes YouTube - BagpipeHero
  8. Not many know two things, 1: Kirriemuir is the town Bon Scott was born 2: Every year they celebrate this with the 'Bon Scott day'. The 1st Bon Scott day was in 2006 and it has been growing from strength to strength each year. This years Bon Scott day is set for the 2nd May 2009 Fans from around the world decend on the Kirriemuir Town Hall for a night of old School Rockin. Details are not final but the date is set! Woth a run on a lovely May day. This will be a bank holiday weekend so there is no excuse. DD8 Music - Bon Scott Day This is the Placque the local towns folk put in place to commerate Bon Scott. How to get there
  9. Aberdeen City Council is writing to ask for your views on possible changes to the way we organise the length of the school week. We would welcome comments from parents, pupils, staff, parent councils, local businesses and anyone else with an interest in this proposal. No decision has yet been made and we do want to hear your views Reconfiguring the School Week - Public Consultation Please forward this on to parents in Aberdeen or anyone in Aberdeen you know Thanks manalive
  10. YouTube - MISFITS ASTRO ZOMBIES Astro Zombies by the Misfits
  11. This is a very funny clip
  12. Hi All There is a Protest march arranged for the 5th April 2008 on Union St Aberdeen to highlight the issues people are facing in light of the cuts to Aberdeen city services. Come along and have your say!!!
  13. :up:Just had this emailed to me....very funny YouTube - Crane ride, Peterhead Aberdeenshire Scotland
  14. Anyone a member of Hitflip? I maysign up later but wondered if anyone else was/ Hitflip: Swap Films, Books, CDs, and Games
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