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  1. If I ever won the lottery I was always going to buy this place
  2. New Paul Weller album out in a few months. Last one was not great so I'm hoping for a big improvement with this one
  3. Looking for someone to recommend a tailor in Aberdeen so i can get some trousers and possibly a suit made. Looking for someone that really knows there stuff cheers jamiesd
  4. I was down in Glasgow for Saturday night's gig. It was pure class
  5. If you could keep your eyes peeled i'd appreciate it.
  6. Thanks for that, couldn't buy from ebay i'm afraid needs to be seen and tested. Thanks for the pointer tho
  7. get it twice a week mate, nothing of any real interest in it. Will keep looking tho Jamiesd
  8. Yes an old school mini, if you know of one email me the details
  9. check there everyday, never anything in our area i'm afraid
  10. cheap Mini wanted with mot/tax if you can help let me know jamiesd
  11. jamiesd

    PC For Sale

    I have decided to upgrade my pc so this is up for sale Dell Dimension 5150 tower 19" Flat panel monitor Pc spec pentium 4d 80gb hard drive 3gb ddr 3200 ram windows media xp installed usb keyboard and mouse. dvd rw pioneer. 320 ono
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