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    I passed my viva (doctoral thesis defence) and became Dr. Dickson today. That's pretty fucking ace-ic. I then had two £35 whiskies paid for. Ace-motherfucking-ic.
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    I got to know Steve really well during my time working at Drummonds. There was a peak period there when it seemed like we were one big happy family. I'm not sure how appropriate it is to express condolences on a forum like this but if there is a thread for it I feel like I should contribute. One thing I noticed over the years of Steve doing sound was that when he was at the desk there was never a single complaint. He took his job seriously and was fucking good at it - made shit bands sound good and good bands sound great. Not only that but he was crazy talented. Turning 13 were and always will be one of the best bands in Aberdeen and I remember the first time I saw him on stage - it was like he became a different person, his cheeky chappy personality morphing into this intense and raw talent that genuinely blew me away. He was always at the top of my list of people to see when I went back to Aberdeen and I was looking forward to asking him out for a game of golf next summer when I'm next home because I knew he had gotten into it a lot recently. There are a lot of people closer to him than I was of course and on saturday I had a strange sense of guilt feeling so sad when I heard the news... as if I didn't have the right to grieve because I hadn't kept in contact with him as much I wanted to in the past 2 or so years but thinking about it, he really did have a big impact on my life. I was 16 when I first met him and the people you surround yourself with at that age, particularly older folk you look up to, shape who you become later in life. Here was this dude who skated during the day, did sound at night, played in an ace band and had loads of mates... that was one cool fucker I thought and as I got to know him more and realized he was a nice guy to boot it made me want to be cool and nice too, and that's not a bad goal to have in life.
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    I have had several direct e-mails asking what Prince Charles and I talked about so I’ve decided to reveal all. The conversation went something like this: PC: I recognise you from that Aberdeen Music site. Until I saw your details one thought that one was the oldest member but you are older than me. Lucky Rathen has kindly hidden my real identity on AB-MUSIC. I am supposed to be from Poland but one can assure you that wherever I am in the World one always checks in to Aberdeen Music on my i-thingy. The site is so real, its too real to be real. GK: I thought you would be reading The Times and The Telegraph. PC: These papers are OK but Aberdeen Music is such fun and I’ve learned so much from it. When I have people kneeling in front one before one dubs them with a sword and one says say arise Sir ….. I always thought they were kneeling on the dub step but that DJ, Krazzy Martin has taught me a whole new meaning to dubstep. I must drop in on one of his nights at Snafu. I often have to shake a real tail feather when one is on a foreign trip. Sometimes I pretend I am doing the Ubangi Stomp. Dubstep should be easy. GK: What else do you like on Aberdeen Music? PC: I love the Stalking Thread. That reminds me - I saw that Dubya last Friday night in main street in Banchory and I forgot to post it. He was surrounded by young girls – seems to have a way with the ladies just like one did when one was his age. GK: Your off to Australia next week. PC: Yes but I hope to be back in time for the Marionettes show on November 9th. Camilla has a marvellous publicity picture of them that was taken in front of the Women’s Institute Headquarters. She keeps it in the downstairs loo. Camilla just loves their singer Paddy and the way his trousers keep falling down – she wants him to play a solo gig at Balmoral next time I am away. GK: Are you going to any other shows when you get back from Oz? PC: I really like The Malpaso Gang and I was planning on disguising myself as a pirate and going to the Moorings on December 14th. Do you think a lot of the Aberdeen Music members will be there? I believe Teabags often puts on a show there and maybe you could introduce me to that Jake – he seems to be quite a lad too. I find all human life is there on the Aberdeen Music and one loves Stroopy’s posts the most – they are so real and so stimulating. See You Later Alligator as Aunty Margaret once said. CU at the Moorings - tell Flash I want a free go on pin-table.
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    Hopefully the fucker will download a book about how not to be a dick.
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    This car crash of a thread keeps getting worse and worse. I think some of the author's posts are fueled quite heavily by alcohol, drugs, and confusion; which makes him appear highly incoherent and bitter, and renders the thread almost entirely pointless. Aberdeen artists very rarely go on to national acclaim or "cultural significance" (what a shit term) for the same reason that bands from Leicester, Norwich, Inverness, Carlisle, Derby, Shrewsbury, Stirling, Swansea, Southampton, Portsmouth rarely do. These places do not really have a cultural infrastructure which lends itself to the performing arts. Aberdeen based artists therefore have to go out of their way to gain attention from media, gig promoters, radio show producers, press agencies, record labels, blog writers, tour booking agents, and all of the things required for a band to achieve national attention. Sure, gig promoters, radio shows, blog writers, and record labels do exist in Aberdeen, but these are all at a very localised hobby level. So if the infrastructure is at hobby level, why on earth would the actual art surpass that? It is not a myth that artists require huge assistance from other parties in order to get to a level where it becomes a full-time vocation. There are one or two small exceptions to this rule historically, but these exceptions are generally not from the UK and the people involved were usually quite extraordinary individuals. In the central belt there is a palpabale infrastructure in terms of digital and printed media, booking agents, venues with forward-thinking in-house bookers, press agencies, music bloggers, full-time record labels (not to mention a plethora of incredible small-scale hobby labels), national radio shows, record shops, and gig promoters. None of these exponents have any need or desire to glance in the direction of Aberdeen because there is so much going on on their own doorstep; Aberdeen artists have to make their presence known in the central belt (and other musically plentiful places), and very few Aberdeen artists really make the effort to impress themselves on the central belt. A few self-organised gigs in Glasgow or Edinburgh here and there will not really suffice, but that is the extent to which most Aberdeen based artists pursue things. I think the fact that the latest piece of excitement in the Aberdeen music scene is called a "Battle of the Bands" and it is arranged by the primary local label (in terms of prolonged local reputation) sums up Aberdeen quite wonderfully. This is a label with a good local reputation, yet it has to arrange a Battle of the Bands in order to find it's next "signing". In other more musically fruitful areas, this just doesn't happen. The labels are fully aware of the bands already due to the artist's presence and also the coverage they get from the local media and press. This is not a criticism, just an observation. But I think the bottom line is, if a band's aim is to simply have fun and they acheive that, then they have definitely not failed. Regardless of how "culturally significant" or nationally-acknowledged they become during that period.
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    So, er, going to Oslo on Tuesday to take part in the Polar Festival celebrating the opening of the new building at the Fram museum after they backed my kickstarter. They asked me to write a new track for the occassion and I'll be doing a set as part of the festival in the evening. Prior to that there's a civic reception where i'll be doing a short set as a warm up and then collaborating with an inuit drum dancer in a special performance for the King of Norway. The Prime Minister will be there too. Apparently this is because it will look great for the TV cameras. I'm not making any of this up.
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    My daughter was born early on Saturday morning. I'm now a very chuffed Dad
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    Respect to everyone but UNF are good!
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    It has to be better than hearing a wood depressed though.
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    I'm getting married tomorrow. That's pretty fucking ace-ic from my point of view!
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    Motherfucking SHOPPING ARRIVED.
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    If you don't like it, get the fuck out you absolute tit. Cannot stand people slagging off my hometown. If you aren't from here, don't say anything, if you are from here and hate it so much, then leave. You're totally naive if you think Aberdeen is the "worst of the worst" by the way. I think the city is grey and yes it can be dire but it can also be wonderful, both in snow and sunshine. In the University grounds for example, it's lovely all year round. Duthie Park is magnificent. Out by Deeside is the type of area tourists pay to come and see and there's plenty more examples. The crime is very low (on street level, heroin and cocaine sales notwithstanding) and unemployment is lower than 99% of Britain. I'd rather be employed and paid well in a grey city than dirt poor in the sunshine. I'm not saying it's perfect but I think it's a nice place to live, and a nice city which has a lot to be proud of and I don't like the tone of the article at all.
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    I have an AGFW like Teabags does! Also, amusingly, her initials are AG. To give you some context, she is in her early 30s but speaks as though she was raised by grandparents, y’know, like she has a really old way with words. She also volunteers with kids in her spare time, so has this mega-weird way of speaking to you like she’s trying to be your teacher, your mum, your friend and your boss all rolled into one irritating human being. She thinks she knows EVERYTHING but is totally misinformed about a lot of stuff, so I’ve stolen a Homer Simpson-ism for my description of her: a know-nothing know-it-all. I don’t mind stupid people, but stupid people who think they are smart are tragic. She doesn’t seem to have her own opinions, just phrases she’s clearly heard other people say before, but she hasn't listened to what they've followed them up with (eg: me and my boss were talking about the monarchy and how they should do away with it and just have a fictional royal family, because it’d save money but tourists would still come to look at the palaces and things. I said something about waiting for the day when we become a republic and she butted in, “But think about it, would you really want David Cameron as your President?” What does that even mean? I don’t want him as my Prime Minister, what difference would him being President make? She didn’t have an answer for me.) I’m usually really polite to people. Tediously polite. Generally, I have a lot of patience but not with her. I think I may even come across as, god forbid, rude at times. My relationship with her is now basically me just correcting things she comes out with. She is my opposite in every way. Other than gender (I assume), I have yet to find one thing we have in common. It got to the point that once in the break room, she asked what I had for lunch and when I told her it was something with chillies in it and she said, “Oh, I don’t really like spicy food.” I walked out the door sighing and said audibly, “Of course you don’t.” She has a story for everything and you can’t have a conversation with anybody else without her steamrolling all over it to talk about something she’s done or somebody she knows. And she always knows better than you do. Pretty quickly, she’ll go off on such a tangent that everybody has stopped listening. I imagine if I asked her what kind of music she likes, she’d probably say, “I don’t really like music.” She is very vocal in being “one of the lads”, to the point where I don’t think she likes other women much. You know when people sort of give off a Clarkson vibe? She’s like that mixed with Alan Partridge. She does this thing that I’ve noticed a lot of people, mainly older women, in the central belt do, which is when they’re introducing a woman in a story who we aren’t supposed to like, they’ll say, “Then this FEmale comes along” in a really scornful way, as if it’s a dirty word. It’s so weird. She uses the word ‘banter’ a lot and goes on about how great her ‘banter’ with various male family members is and then catches herself out by trying to give an example of some great back-and-forth that she’s had with a cousin or somebody, but can’t think of one quickly enough so it’ll be something along the lines of, “Oh, we REALLY wind each other up. He’s like ‘You’re an idiot.’ And I’m like ‘I know you are, but what am I?’” She’ll tell a story about people she knows and say things like, “So, I was with my cousins. Well, I say cousins but what I really mean is my God-mother’s son and daughter-in-law" so she has this never-ending family tree. Recently she told a story about one of her male cousins, who is the same age as her and isn’t actually her cousin and the great banter they have, constantly winding each other up. She told a story about how when they were both 19, he’d joined the army so she hadn’t seen him for a while but they were reunited at his parents’ place and ended up having a tickle fight. Then his girlfriend, who AGFW had never met before, walked in on them and got understandably weirded out by it. AGFW ended up getting on her high horse about that and was a dick to her, refusing to see the problem and making out that it was a totally normal thing for two grown-ups to be doing. It reminds me of that episode of Friends where Danny and his sister have a freakishly close relationship and wrestle. TL;DR: She's the worst and I think Ricky Gervais might have created her. Anyway, I’ve been keeping a draft in my email of dumb stuff she comes out with or just anything I find particularly annoying. Thinking of releasing it as a book. HER: “I made a massive faux-par (sic), did I tell you? Well, you know that meeting yesterday I thought was today?” ME: (No) “Yeah..?” HER: “It turns out it’s tomorrow. I just saw the suggested dates were the 2nd and 3rd but they’ve gone with the 3rd. I’m not having a good day!” (That isn’t a faux-pas. You’ve half-learned how to pronounce faux-pas but don’t know how to use it properly in a sentence.) “I think I might have just put the bat amongst the pigeons.” (I genuinely think she might have just had a slip of the tongue with this one when she tried to talk too fast, because later she also said “I’ve put the cat apung the pigeons.”) “It is rather quite funny. Let’s be honest.” Baba O’Riley had been on the radio for two minutes. Suddenly, she exclaimed, “BAYWATCH!” We blinked in her direction, confused. HER: “It’s the theme from Baywatch.” ME: “It’s The Who.” HER: “I’m pretty sure it is.” ME: “I think you’re thinking of something else...” “That’s definitely FUBAR-d” Another colleague offered me a can of that compressed air with one of those nozzles in case I wanted to clean out my keyboard. Having done this the day before, I declined. ME: “It’s alright.” AGFW: “Ha, you're like ‘Nah, it’s okay’!” (Yep. Yep, I am like that.) My colleague from South Africa told us about a drink from there called Mampoer and how she got to sample some homemade stuff last time she was back home. AGFW: “Is it like that Sunshine stuff?” COLLEAGUE: “I don’t know what that is.” AGFW: “Like, a really strong homemade drink that can make you go blind.” ME: “Moonshine?” AGFW: “Here’s a bit of useless trivia for you – New York City is not in the state of New York.” ME: “Yes it is.” (She had been on Google Maps and looked at it wrongly.) Once she had a Cream Egg at her desk and mentioned that she knew the barcode off by heart. I second-guessed her and hoped that she wouldn't tell a story if I said, "Oh, did you used to work in a shop and would have to look it up as the foil would fold over and the barcode couldn't be read by the machine?" It didn't work. She repeated back what I'd just said in different words, told me about how she goes into shops sometimes and will quote the number to staff members, if she's buying one, before they go to look it up (ugh). She then said, "It's a good bit of useless trivia for pub quizzes." When would that EVER come up in a pub quiz? I asked her this and she tried to back out of it and used the phrase "general knowledge". That isn't general knowledge. That is very specific knowledge. She referred to Bristo Square in Edinburgh, twice, as Bisto Square. BISTO. As in “Aaaah, Bisto” “Dreams are just your unconscious.”
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    My wife is 13 weeks pregnant with our first little one!
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    One thing I noticed during the Hull/United game, doesn't Alex Bruce look an awful lot like Lucky Rathen?
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    I can't believe she has the audacity to not want to receive rape-threats. I mean, what a disgusting fucking left-wing agenda for Lauren Mayberry to have. How dare she highlight the sort of behaviour that leads to the horrific victim-blaming, sexual assault and rape culture that we currently live in. She should just shut the hell up and let the people claiming they're going to anally rape her because they know where she lives win. What a fucking attention seeker. Women, eh? Who does she think she is? I bet she voted Lib Dem too.
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    So has milner up untill now apparently
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    Or eat it cold, rather than being a massive gaylord
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    Day 1: Pa says they'll come round with bread soon but it's been 5 hours and we're beginning to not believe him. The baby in the corner won't stop crying. The rags her mum was able to grab before they rounded her up might not be warm enough to make it through the night. We've established a toilet corner, it smells so bad. The weaker among us have already been eaten. What's left of the rest of us will have to wait till sundown to know our fates. Sirens have been wailing all night. I'm cold.
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    Four months after leaving a dreary, soul-crushing finance job that was eroding my will to live, I've just signed a contract to write about sports for a living. Working from home initially, then moving to Poland (Newcastle) in a couple of months. This is pretty close to a dream job for me. Feeling pretty fuckin' wonderful at the moment.
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    Just wondering if there are other people who like to draw/paint/sculpt? post pictures of some of your art in here. I'm working on this perspective futuristic city ink drawing.
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    Perhaps the guy who owns the tandoori sacked YoungA because he sensed he was unreliable or even malicious. You could say, he could sense a little rogue in Joss.
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    Sounds like you got a tattoo of a one eyed monster touching up a child. Nice one mate.
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    I'm going to be a Dad.
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    Perhaps people should just let people drink whisky how they want to and not explode their vadges every time some one mentions water.
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    Half of the fun and challenge of putting on shows is undoubtedly finding ways to reach new audiences...and then discovering that your targeted audience is actually responding to your promo. One of the things I did that so many promoters in Aberdeen seem to neglect, is to actually go out flyering and engage with people. I would flyer the queues to Exodus, or go to the venue my shows were at and leave flyers for all my forthcoming shows on the bar and on the tables (I wouldn't recommend cross-promoting between venues). The key area, I found, was to actually flyer student unions, university/college campuses, and student accommodation. Students love gigs, but unless they are already music nerds, they are not going to know about your gig. Tell them about it, and they'll possibly attend. Do not purely rely on digital promotion; that is folly. Do not assume everyone finds out about gigs by going on Facebook. I, for one, do not. And I fucking love live music. One thing I found useful, too, was to create a "brand". By this, I simply mean an identifiable aesthetic theme running throughout all promotional material. Similar posters, use of fonts/typefaces etc, so that people recognise that it's your show. Repeat attendees were always very important to me. Start a mailing list at your first gig and mail all the attendees about future shows. They came to one show afterall, they may come to more. I'd also recommend trying to get a spot on local student radio to talk about your gigs, what your intentions are, and what forthcoming shows you have. In fact, don't stop at local student radio - try Northsound as well. Basically, there's a fucking shitload of leg-work involved in putting on a single show. The vast majority of promoters, in my opinion and experience, are incapable or unwilling to do the leg-work. If you fall into that category, your gigs are going to consist of nothing but pals of the bands you have booked. But remember above all: if you book a band to play, gaurantee them a basic fee, and do not waver that fee at all. Regardless of whether nobody turned up to the show. Pay the bands. Good luck with your endeavours, and I hope my post ignites some ideas about how to promote your concerts without coming across too preachy! Have a good time. All the time.
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    Yesterday: Got married Today: Having a nice relaxing day with my wife Tomorrow: Head off to Bellagio on Lake Como in Italy for our Honeymoon
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    Little one arrived right on her due date and both Harper Alice Davies and her mum are well. Big change, but a lot of fun!
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    She's pregnant and not letting the kid see the dad? How was she intending on doing that? Can she do the splits? Or does she have a womb with a view?
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    Really?... That's him blowing an argument out of the water? In fact that's the crux of his argument - Brand doesn't expect the system to work for him, that's why he doesn't vote. He also suggests that it's a bit crazy to expect that he comes up with workable alternatives during a 10 minute TV interview. Edit: the multi-quoting has begun. I'm out. Enjoy
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    35 runners have 70 legs?
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    I was featured today in The Guardian's 'New Band Of The Day' feature. http://soundcloud.com/lockah/sets/lockah Read more here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/feb/13/new-band-day-lockah
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    Got a wee promotion at work today with extra responsibilities, a not insignificant salary rise, and an invitation to join our professional whisky tasting team. I'm also going to Dalmore House, Whye & Mackay's HQ in Glasgow, to visit the Master Blender's lab and taste some delectable single malts aged 40, 50 and 60 years! One year to the day after starting there. Back of the fucking onion sack.
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    Non-drinker trying to jump in on hangover chat? Seriously? What an utter fucking try-hard.
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