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  1. Localboylost

    Gretsch historic series acoustic.

    This still for sale?
  2. Localboylost

    Synths/Drummachines wanted

    Anybody got any synths/Drum machines for sale, wanting some new equipment
  3. Localboylost

    Guitar Gear for sale

  4. Localboylost

    Guitar Gear for sale

  5. Localboylost

    Guitar Gear for sale

    I've PM'd you
  6. I'm a welder so using blow torches and hand grinders all the time so looking for something to play music with at really high levels when needed, Wanting something i can plug my headphones slot into, Anybody got anything or able to point me in the right direction?
  7. Localboylost

    Tascam US-144 mkii audio interface

    Nah just an sd-1 and I all ready read you're not wanting boss haha
  8. Localboylost

    Tascam US-144 mkii audio interface

    Zoom 707 multi effects pedal? older version, can get some amazing sounds out of them
  9. Localboylost

    Username change

    thanks very much
  10. Localboylost

    Username change

    Hi, Can I have my username changed to Localboylost please cheeeeerz
  11. Localboylost

    Wanted: Cheap Tuner pedal

    As I said.. Cheap tuner pedal wanted
  12. Localboylost

    Reverb Pedal

    Sorted with an electro harmonix cathedral!
  13. Localboylost

    Reverb Pedal

    It says you can't recieve any new messages, you be available tonight?
  14. Localboylost

    Fender strat for swap