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  1. Anybody got any synths/Drum machines for sale, wanting some new equipment
  2. I'm a welder so using blow torches and hand grinders all the time so looking for something to play music with at really high levels when needed, Wanting something i can plug my headphones slot into, Anybody got anything or able to point me in the right direction?
  3. Nah just an sd-1 and I all ready read you're not wanting boss haha
  4. Zoom 707 multi effects pedal? older version, can get some amazing sounds out of them
  5. Hi, Can I have my username changed to Localboylost please cheeeeerz
  6. As I said.. Cheap tuner pedal wanted
  7. Sorted with an electro harmonix cathedral!
  8. It says you can't recieve any new messages, you be available tonight?
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