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    It wasn't quite this photo, but taken at the same time... from memory it looked kinda like this but taken from a higher angle, I recall, and probably without a filter. (I found it on our myspace page which apparently still exists hahaha) 100% accurate.
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    I imagine it looks a little bit like one of those fake defensive walls that footballers use to practice free kicks. But blacker.
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    I could never make up my mind if Arrested Development or Curb was the best comedy ever written.
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    I got a Bass Station 2 recently. Still getting my head around everything it's capable of, but I knocked together this drum n bass/breakbeat thing with it, just to give it a bit of a test drive: It's a bit sloppy, because the BS2 isn't great at tracking external midi clock, so it's all live overdubs over drum samples, no programming or anything, cos I don't have the patience for that. I just need to get tighter at playing.
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    Only the one pair of camo shorts in a metal promo shot? Posers.
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    Fair play - sorry for misinterpreting your post. My memory of the hilarious band photos were five years earlier, circa 2003-04 (i.e. emo-era). It was all 'moody against a wall in the ghetto-ist part of town'. Attempting to look hard/sad/serious with floppy fringes, girls jeans and studded belts. LOL. Incidentally when MMW did our first proper tour with Cry For Silence and Aconite Thrill in 2005, one of the roadies for CFS was Laurent Barnard AKA 'Lags'. He he'd just formed Gallows, but they were still basically a little local band. One year later they were absolutely massive and on the covers of everything from Kerrang to GQ! Three years later and we were in the up-and-coming section of total guitar
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    Did anyone mention Decipher yet? Tibetan Dave too, especially if you want to pack in the ladies.
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    Keep it up guys, this is great stuff. Watching with great interest as to how this one will play out. Thanks guys, cheers, Adam.
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    Differing opinions on trivial matters always leave me bemused.
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    Shit. I'd better not type anything on this forum again for fear of downvotes from E.C.
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    Give it 5 minutes and I'm sure E.C. will be here to tell you what to think
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