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    Someone's selling a boom stand on the trading section, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.
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    Can a mod step in here and do something? By which I mean, just kill me.
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    Anyone remember that dude Peter Dow?
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    When was the last time a mod posted here? Or even logged in? This is the last lawless corner of the Internet. Yet somehow its all very civilised. Anarchy does work, and it's rather pleasant.
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    Can't you see the problem here? I'm not saying I agree or disagree with your views on the queen. But when I bring up why your comments may be harmful, or when I bring up the damage that "political rhetoric" can do, you seem to miss the point in an effort to get your point across by any means. I will say, I think we should get rid of the Monarchy. But that doesn't stop me seeing the wood for the trees. Republicans should be allowed to tweet. Should republicans be allowed to tweet threatening rhetoric? No. Freedom of Speech stops when you impede the freedoms of others. (Yes, the queen should be given freedoms too.) Look at the recent sentencing of Britain First. Should they be allowed to freedom of speech? yes. Should they be allowed to shout threatening rhetoric at people? No. I'm not trying to equate you with something as extreme as BF, but surely you can see where the line should be drawn in the case of BF. A similar line was drawn for republicans. Get the queen out? yes. Kill the queen? no. Do we have a bias media? Definitely. Just look at the recent "russian-up" of Corbyn's hat. Should there be a more balanced media? Yes. But again, that has it's pitfalls. Everyone remembers the backlash Question Time received for giving Nick Griffin airtime - because, again, of the dangerous political rhetoric he was spouting. With the political climate we're in, even if something is rhetorical, it can have real world ramifications. I would definitely feel like you would get further in your arguments if you stopped arguing them at every corner. I think humility can go a long way. Also, You do only ever contribute to your own threads. Which relates to the point I made in the first paragraph of this comment.
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    Peter, I think it's time we asked the more relevant questions here. When was the last time a female (a real one that was breathing by herself, not an inflatable one, or a printed one) crossed the threshold into thy parlour of urban decadence?
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    I wasn't Little Green. I wish I was though. My old job was boring as fuck. Still don't think twice about it. "main" was a substitute for "santa" when i grew out of believing. I'm still often asked what I want for xmas, implying that a main present will be bought. This year my main present from my parents was a pair of Stefan Janoski SB Nike Air Max's. Don't hate us 'cause you ain't us. Also I'm sure it started out of a thread of me asking what I should get for my birthday. Which was just a badly worded way of saying "reccomend me films/music/books to see if there was anything out there I should cop, but knowing my birthday was round the corner, would be a waste of money for me to cop when I can get someone else to get it for me. (Case in point, two christmases ago while out shopping for other people, I bought myself the Stranger Things OST on vinyl and then found out my girlfriend spent the night hurriedly cancelling her order of the same thing) Come from a family of great gift givers and traditions. Like when I was about 6/7, and still believed in Santa, I couldn't sleep for excitement. It got to the point where I was in tears because I was so tired. My parents let me open a present to calm me (if memory proves right, it was a Mankind wrestling video and some goosebump-esque books). From that moment on, every year my sister and I would be allowed to open a gift on xmas eve. Now, my mum makes "Christmas Eve Boxes" filled with stocking fillers - deodorant, holiday themed socks, chocolate etc and a dvd. She does them for my sister and I, my brother-in-law and my SO (ages ranging from 23-28) I also always get a gift from my dad. Now, my dad still spends money on gifts, but it's always up to my mum to buy them, so years ago he started gifts from just him where he'd find something we like. I'm sure the first one I ever got was LOTR: The Two Towers extended DVD. This year he got me Twin Peaks The Return blu-ray. Again, Don't hate us 'cause you ain't us.
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    Fuck haha I must admit I joined a reincarnation of that band under a different name. fuckin hilarious cringe fest. though it lead to opening for Towers of London and subsequently getting into a fight with the one that was on Big Brother I still wear my girlfriends jeans.. old habits eh
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    Best thing about Jake's main present meme was the fact you can tell he didn't even think twice about it, like it was totally normal for a grown adult to get one.
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    You sound like a truth asshole to me
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    Alkaline has calmed (neutralized?) in his old age I feel It's weird how Stripey was regarded as some sort of gatekeeper around here. Liked hip hop and electronic stuff when this site was heavily guitar-y, which was nice and clearly had some great ideas/insights about music but really he was mostly just purposefully antagonistic. To the point it became quickly pointless to engage with him. A troll with a thesaurus IMO
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    ah. never mind.. we shant go down that road
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    the forum organised 5*-a-side football games of the summer of 2010 *2 to 7 a-side
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    Yeah, but the ringtones guy always post in the music sections. This website has nothing to do with music so I don't read them.
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    I think it's a Ben Weapon troll account. Or maybe Stripey? xx
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    For a start, I've been listening to Tool since 1998 so that's nearly ten years of not knowing what I'm talking about. Maybe tool DO have a sound of their own, but that doesn't mean that other bands aren't influenced by them and sound a bit like them. Both the End and Tool write progressively structured songs that are based largely on complicated shifting time signatures, whilst retaining a relatively dark and ambient feel to them, and without being too heavy or extreme. Which band is 'better' is totally irrelevent, but the fact remains that 'Elementary' by the End has many attributes that are very comparable to Tool. I also wrote a short story that features both bands: You are a Tool. The End