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    People not from the north east are generally massive twats though. So fuck 'em.
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    I said "the back of (hour)" at work shortly after moving down south, and my boss looked at me like I'd just pissed on his kids. Thanks, Aberdeen. Thaberdeen.
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    It depends on whether your temporal logic is based on a relationist or an absolutist position. If you are to accept the notion that 'time does not exist without change' - as Aristotle argued - then 'evening' may be observed as starting only in relation to the end of 'afternoon'. In other words, one could not impose a pre-determined start time for 'evening' , instead only describe it as occurring when 'afternoon' has elapsed. On the other hand, a Newtonian analysis would dictate that time exists independently of the objects or actors within. That is to say '5 for 5:30'
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    We're sorry! We can't find the page you're looking for. Please check the URL you entered to make sure it's spelled correctly. Still not sure how to get to the page you want? Maybe we can help you find your way: Want to create your own survey? I tried to help you with your survey but I got this. How do you expect people to help you with your university project if you don't even provide a correct link? Can you please enter me into the draw for the £50 amazon voucher anyway.
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    i ‘made it’ too - I’ve got two lovely dogs and a wonderful wife.
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    Or "fit fiiiiiiiiiine". Anyone that gets offended by that can gwa n bile their fuckin heid.
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    I have had bother with the NE use of the word 'fine' which when pronounced a certain way means 'really good' - those not familiar with the distinction have sometimes got a bit offended because they think I called something amazing simply acceptable, OK, inoffensive. The use of the word 'rare' in the same context tends to cause confusion rather than offence - particularly when describing commonplace things of excellent quality I enjoy the confusion.
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    And neither should our wives. Jesus wept, what next... Police telling us to catch criminals? Toasters telling us to cook our own bread? It's political correctness gone mad.
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    Weird, immediately after listening to this Repugnant tune I stuck on Entombed too... so good!
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    I think that largely stopped around 2006-07, either coincidentally or ironically after we had owt to do with the Deen.
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    If it's any consolation, I'd find them toe curling now too. I always thought the SPD/MMW back and forth should be more of a grandstanding online pantomime than anything else, but it occasionally got out of hand and the line got crossed. I never recall any cross words in the 'real world', I don't think. In all seriousness, what Dan has said about MMW reads like a good example in what happens when you have a plan, but have to confront a 'going pro' threshold and make a choice either way. (we chose a rather different direction/methodology, of course)
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    Stage 1: Gain their trust
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    It's been said previously ( @colb in here, I think) but a ~80-cap venue is exactly what ABZ is missing to attempt to try and gather some kind of scene. If there was a venue where there were small shows on every night (other than tribute/cover bands), of all genres, that would be ideal. Dr Drakes was great for this - it didn't matter what was on, if I had an hour or two to kill in town before a bus home or whatever then I'd head there for a drink and to hang out and nine times out of ten bump into someone I knew for a blether.