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    A Farewell to Arms; For Whom the Bell Tolls; and The Old Man and the Sea were my favourite Hemingway books back in the day. I reread the Old Man and the Sea a year or two ago and it was still great. The guy is known for his (really influential) ultra-plain style and The Old Man and the Sea is the apex of that (one of his last books; and it reflects the thoughts of a fisherman who probably can't even read). For Whom the Bell Tolls might be more to your liking: simple style, again, but I think the syntax is supposed to reflect the Spanish the characters would really be speaking, which makes the prose a bit quirkier than other Hemingway novels. Plus it's about fighting fascists. A Farewell to Arms is about being a stretcher bearer to Italians fighting German imperialists. I didn't like all his stuff (normal for a novelist, though). Didn't like Fiesta; can't even remember the basic premise.
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    Nae worries, I'll put something up if we are doing any gigs
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    Fucking foreigners. Who the fuck do they think they are?! Coming here and telling us to enjoy Christmas?! MADNESS! xx
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    The gobby cow in my office who repeats things like "they've been told they can't put up Christmas decorations any more in case they offend non-Christians" and it's "CHRISTmas, the clue is in the name" and "its merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays" on a stupid loop for the past month. She has also said more than once that you can't say blackboard any more or sing baa baa black sheep, and I got caught in the crossfire of an anti abortion rant recently too. She talks shit, all day, very loudly.
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    Finished GoT - totally get the boner-fest around this show. Fucking ace. Mega late to the party but i'm on-board 100%. Thought the whole world had gone dungeon and dragons and I was the only non-nerd but I understand it now.
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    Thanks pal. I'll check that ASAP.