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Best cover version ever!


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The Beatles cover of Twist n Shout is pretty good.

Michael Jackson's cover of Come Together too.

Pearl Jam covering Masters Of War is also great.

Eileen Rafferty covering Frankie Miller's Caledonia is good.

Tori Amos' covers of almost anything are special as are the Johnny Cash covers (including Rusty Cage)

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I must say that Jonny Cash's cover of Hurt is awesome as is his cover version of Personal Jesus and as is Marilyn Manson's cover of that, although it is a tad predictable sounding. My other favourites are probably Manics cover of Train In Vain and Pumpkins cover of Boys Don't Cry as well as William Shatner's cover of Common People.

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I'll go with All Along the Watchtower. Hendrix made that song, Dylan's version sucks lol.

Another good cover was the one that came out not long ago for the film Donnie Darko. Can't remember details but it was a tears for fears original.

Deep purple did an ace cover of an Elvis song which I've also forgotten the name of. Sory :(

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Living End - Tainted Love, I must agree that Jonny Cash's cover Hurt is amazing, as is the Foo Fighters doing Have a Cigar.

Also Joe Elliot and Slash doing Tie your Mother Down at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

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