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  1. Queensryche are awesome. It's a shame that hardly anyone around here will know about them but I think they'll steal the show. Can't wait.
  2. What beta testing involves can vary depending on what needs to be done, but from my own experience it's maily just rooting out bugs and reporting them. This can be in a early version of the game, right to a "release candidate" which is as the name suggests, very close to a final version. I beta tested the game TrackMania United earlier this year.
  3. Zanardi has succesfully completed the test, setting a fastest lap time only a few tenths of Vettel. The big news, however, is that he isn't satisfied with just a test - now he wants to race at Monza. http://www.autosport.com/news/grapevine.php/id/55790
  4. Yeah, I heard about this. Zanardi is a total legend. He's won two WTCC races so far. Anyone read his book, "My Story"? Definitaly worth a read, one of my favorites.
  5. Heikki Kovalainen is confirmed at Renault. Villeneuve was fired because he didn't want to take part in a shoot out between him and Kubica. Hamilton will probably get the seat at McLaren. He's due to test for them at Jerez sometime before China.
  6. As much as I like Fernando, I can't see him doing much with that McLaren. If Kimi can't, then who can? Kimi will sail quite comfortably to his first world title next year. Edit - I also brought a ticket for Silverstone next year!
  7. You can get cleaning cloths in One Up as well (at the counter), I find them to be pretty good.
  8. Top five hairs on my head: 1) The one in my fringe 2) The one next to it 3) The longish one at the back 4) The one just above my left ear 5) The one almost in the centre of my head, but itnt quite.
  9. That was one hell of a gig last year. I hope they come to Scotland again soon!
  10. www.trackmanianations.com It's all you'll ever need. Also, I tend to agree with the whole thread...the TrackMania series is the only games I give the time of day to these days, although there is one or two I wouldn't mind checking out. Exit and Loco Roco for the PSP seem pretty cool, and being a huge MGS fan MG Acid 2 and the forethcoming MGS: Portable Ops also have my attention... As for the "next gen", gotta say I'm not all that excited. Sony are overpriced and boring. Microsoft are just boring. Nintendo have a good idea, but will it really be revolutionary or just a "fun for five minutes" gimmick? Oh well. *Plays TrackMania*
  11. Give me 75% of the tee shirt sales and I'll help move stuff about
  12. Well done guys! You've won the Ragnarok vote! Myself and a whole load of crazy Atomheads from Scotland, England, Germany and Ireland will all be in attendance. See you there! (I know there is already a thread, but this deserves it's own one ) http://www.ragnarokfestival.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6025#6025
  13. 28 ahead with only a few days left to go. Better get packing, eh guys? I hope all goes well with your gig tonight, too I couldn't make it sadly
  14. Voted! You have a reasonable lead at the moment...
  15. Willum


    I still read here
  16. Well that was hot rockin'
  17. Or Black Atom. Anyways, I'll definitaly come along Hopefully there will still be tickets at the door
  18. What time do you think you dudes will be off stage? my last bus is at half ten, maybe I'll be able to catch most of your set.
  19. A bit late, but Happy Birthday!
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