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  1. Exactly. The fiery name doesn't quite fit.
  2. jimr

    2006/2007 season thread

    Severin's wis some hit like and if lovell's volley just before he scored had gone in that would have been just as good. Have to admit I was shitting it until naismith, but the atmosphere was something else. Bring on the obscure european clubs and bring on the cheap beers miiiiiiin.
  3. word, i'll bring yr hush money too. Might watch Man U scatter Chelsea first though. Times?
  4. jimr

    2006/2007 season thread

    can't believe we didn't win that game. Shite first half, gifted both goals, missed penalty, 2 sending offs, another 30 yard screamer fae foster, you would think it would have been quite the game. Interesting how the referee works out injury time, 6 subsitutions, 2 red cards, 1 goal, numerous time wasting, 3 long injuries and only 3 minutes added on.... fit tae? min still, i can't believe foster's goal.
  5. That pretty much sums up what everyone I have talked to has said. Especially the bit about beattie! Though the boy has to be given some credit for the skill he showed in pulling off the perfect shin roller. Boyd's head looked to have gone down after he swiped at that ball a yard out though so i would probably have taken him off aswell. I'm not really convinced about Teale, he's a good player but hes pretty eratic, I've seen him have a few great games for Wigan and Derby are riding high just now, but he always looks like hes going to overrun the ball. I was really impressed with Scott Brown. My Dandy heart was dead set against him because of his antics at Pittodrie earlier on this season (to be fair most of the hibs players were as bad) but he looks a quality player, rumour has it he is starting on Wednesday aswell. If Anderson's form goes down after missing out on these games, and we dont get into Europe, I'm going to strangle Big Eck with my scarf.
  6. I got 2 tickets going as I will be in edinburgh, I'm thinking 30 for the pair? Dick donald upper. min.
  7. jimr

    2006/2007 season thread

    Ben Foster is the best young goal keeper in the UK. I also completely disagree with the comments on Ferdinand and Vidic's defensive capabilities. Considering the all out attack mentality in the majority of Man U games, you would expect there to be a glut of goals against coming via counter attack. However, only liverpool have conceeded less this season. Vidic has been absolutely stunning this season, he doesnt always look pretty but he gets it done and thats something we have missed for a while. Ferdinand has blossomed in partnership and his few Zander Diamondesque runs aside, has looked back to his best this season. Evra is starting to really build in confidence and you can see that in the way that his flair and skill are starting to show in games. I just hope Man United win the title this year because I don't see anyone touching Arsenal next year.
  8. The Balls to put a woman in the whitehouse? America the entity grows balls and puts Hillary Clintface in the whitehouse with the help of those gigantic, all conquering balls. The very idea that you used a masculine premise to endorse a supposedly pro-feminine line is slightly silly. I like my women without balls. Or maybe you mean that only men should have the vote, but as a counter measure they can in fact vote for women, hopefully busty ones yes? Alright! Obama to wreck Clinton anyway.
  9. jimr

    2006/2007 season thread

    Make no mistake about it, It was calderwood that fucked up last night. He went for it way too early as usual. The first half was about even and Lovell should have had two but we didnt take our chances and we went in 1 goal down. We immediatley came out man for man at the back and lost a quick goal to that fucking mink. Then we took off Dempsey which, love him or hate him, was exactly the kind of player we needed in midfield at that time, albeit of suspect quality. Foster is a liability. It's all very well being fast but his passing and control is awful. We only have 9 men on the pitch going forward because as soon as he gets the ball he loses it. Although there was a freak moment last night when he went past 4 players on the wing! Maguire is being used way too often, it's clear he's not ready and its going to his head. Lovell should have stayed on the pitch because at that point it was clear we weren't going to win and a full game would have done his fitness and his confidence good. Clark has been utter shit this season, although again I attribute this more to Calderwood than the player himself. Clark has always been a good utility player but Calderwood refuses to sub him and he has become an untouchable knowing he'll be playing pretty much no matter what. I feel really sorry for Dan Smith, he never gets a run in the team and his only competition is the worst defender to have ever graced Aberdeen, and to add insult to injury he gets thrown on as a makeshift left winger. What the hell is Calderwood playing at?
  10. jimr

    oi oi

    I can't believe i just read this entire thread. So. Les Savy Fav les georges leningrad busdriver xiu xiu enon deerhoof boris subtle gravy train!
  11. It was awesome eh? This will be my third year now. Flights seem to be crazy expensive this year though, how did you get there last year?
  12. The ATP stage at this years primaverasound is up. .Estrella Damm Primavera Sound 07 > News Can't say there's that much I really want to see there but hopefully it will get better. Going to be better value for money anyway! I dont like the whole fans atp thing, and the Dirty Three line up looks like a depressfest.
  13. Don't buy a sony vaio with an integrated ati card. Ati refuse to support the chips and Sony refuse to update the drivers. Infact if you walk past a sony vaio in the shop window show your disgust with an appropriate hand gesture. Oh i'm selling mine if anyones interested.
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