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  1. Got my tickets for Glasgow too Awesome times! Really looking forward to hearing the new album and will be very interested to hear what it'll be like after Hazards of Love (which is definitely an album that needs to be listened to from start to finish each time).
  2. Come join the Granite City Roller Girls for a night os SKAndalous fun in the Tunnels! Propaganda DJs spinning out punk, new wave, rock and ska all night plus Sound System live to get ya'll skanking about and living it up with the best quad-based roller-skatin' team in town. All this for the incredible 3, helping support the world's fastest growing sport sustain itself in Aberdeen! Ever wanted to know what Roller Derby's all about? There'll be plenty of drunken ambassadors on hand all night to tell you, plus heaps of other activities to make sure you all have a grand ol' time. Saturday the 9th of October 8pm till 3am 3 all night The Tunnels Room 2
  3. I've a fridge full of Dogma and Chaos Theory at present. Chaos Theory is the perfect midpoint between the Punk and Hardcore IPA, and the Dogma's dead drinkable.
  4. Brew Dog stall on the Belmont Street market today - Picked up Tokyo at 3 a bottle, plus they have Hardcore IPA on sale for 3 a pop too (and it's an awesome drink).
  5. Tescos at Danestone sell Zeitgeist. It's great. The beer, that is. Tescos is OK. Bit big.
  6. Date: Thursday the 22nd of July 2010 Location: Cafe Drummonds Price: 3 Line-up: Metaltech + Beats of Rage + Bit Face! Start Time: 8.30pm METALTECH - Grease-paint smeared techno-metal in a way that makes you want to dig out your old KMFDM t-shirts (unless you don't have one). Spotted in a recent T Mobile advert! BEATS OF RAGE - Digital hardcore fury fired through a three peice vent-machine. BIT-FACE - Debut gig of Glaswegian chiptune maestro, come cheer her on! MetalTech on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Beats Of Rage on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Bit Face on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  7. A popular beat combo from Canada, that enjoy nothing more than playing jaunty pop tunes for politely behaved audiences (except for those in Scotland, until recently). I think. I always get them confused with the other Skinny Puppy fronted by perpetually gore-covered Nivek Ogre. In-yer-face live shows and a repertoire of songs that can be heftily political or opinionated (anti-vivisection being a common theme). Have been around for a long time now - Named as an influence by many industrial/electronic acts. Recent live stuff - See goths dance! - Political much? - An example of their anti-viv stance - Goretastic banned vid - Musically, I think they're awesome.
  8. Having caught them live twice at End of the Road last year, and having heard a sneak-preview of their new album earlier last month, I could not be any more excited about this gig!
  9. I'd say Isa on a bit earlier, so they'll finish around 10.30ish for changeover to the club. 9.30, to be safe?
  10. Nicely pimped, cheers min! Yeah, come see some ace bands and then stick around for Propaganda! A grab-bag of music for dancing too, bundled together with a theme'o'fun for the dressing up and looking dapper. It's quite fun, but don't take my word for it - Come along and let ears and feet decide! Check us out on Facebook for previous playlists. Become our fan. We love our fans, they get to hear first what the next theme's going to be earning them precious minutes of extra design time.
  11. I totally forgot the new Besnard Lakes album is out. Any cop?
  12. I've had the new Efterklang on in the car quite a lot, which speaks volumes; It's nice, but it's not really attention grabbing. I'm really enjoying Tunng, and FR's only had the one listen so far so I've not really made up my mind about it yet... Agree re: Last Harbour, but given I'm hyuge Nick Cave fan it's right up my street. Of all those I listed, I think Shearwater and the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project are my favourites.
  13. Tunng - And Then We Saw Land Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks Efterklang - Magic Chairs The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project - We Are Only Riders Last Harbour - Volo Various - Rough Trade Counter Culture 2009 Shearwater - Golden Archipelego Get Well Soon - Vexations
  14. I do have a horrid cold at the moment, so can just about manage a guff growl when I recite it too. However, you wouldn't want to hear what I can do to a piano.
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