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  1. Bugger wish i'd seen that, but there you go...i obviously dont drink enough.
  2. Yeah man sounds a lot bettter quality than "endless list". The low Vocals Rule! good job:up:
  3. Brutal, bet that was a learing experience.
  4. Yep, im still shook up after junkie neds stole my wheely bin and used it to carry goods from somone elses house. not a big problem but annoying all the same.
  5. Ah, Fond memories spending all of fourth year high as a kite, watching people shit themselves in the woods after taking more than they can handle and dreaming of hitting mrs.moody bitch in the face with a sledgehammer. I miss it really.
  6. yeah, no point in being half assed about it, standard tuning sounds shit after being down so low anyway
  7. Yeah sweeping is a bitch, its hard enough just ascending or descending nevermind both, so much effort for a second brilliance. you've gotta love it.
  8. "one of them" i rented it from blockbuster and it was painfully shite. The New peter pan movie was terrible too, just awful.
  9. I love both of the consoles and still play them both till this day...but...the snes is obviously far superior to the MD. compare the games that were released on both consoles...for example "street fighter II", on the MD it was slow, the sound sucked and if u didnt have a 6 button controller u had to press start to switch between punch and kick, how crap is that? Dont even get me started on mortal kombat.
  10. Yeah, it sounded more like a dig at the band rather than a constructive critisism. i was there and it didnt sound awful, pure lead and weeping jesus had the best sets all night. Even though WJ were cut short i still enjoyed every second.
  11. I just dont get it man, What the fuck! Why the Fuck Dimebag!
  12. Crowbar-Dreamweaver Judas Priest-the green manalishi Any cover by jonny cash
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