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  1. meh, audioslave are good.. Id like to see them live, but i just wish rage would come back... hehe
  2. Pft, people like you are a waste of space, why dont you leave this thread for pantera fans? rather than the usual n00b saying "woopdy doo, pantera suck" sorry, but its a childish pointless thing to do... n00b
  3. discuss some crazy places you've had sex with your partner... Feel free to ask me, but right now i cant be bothered typing my stories... Discuss
  4. i was backstage... hehehe ill post my photo with dave when i get it scanned, which might be tonight =D
  5. no one will know this early i dont think...but download has been rumoured to be an absolute beast thing year. With metallica, maiden, slayer and megadeth all in the line up...how immense would that be if you liked those bands....
  6. Dave Mustaine - Vocals/Lead Guitar Tom Araya - Bass Raymond Herrera - Drums Marty Friedman - Lead guitar I know it probably wouldnt work due to the music they make, but it wud be cool..
  7. wawa, it happens all the time. just cos its some big metal nailer everyone seems to boner about it. fair doos a metal legend is dead. but let it rest.
  8. whats done is done. It cannot be changed. Dimebag the shredder is dead, but there is nothing you can do. Just leave it at that, he hasnt done anything good since pantera so who cares
  9. wots ur feelings on Kirk Hammett? Marty Friedman completely owns Kirk Hammett in my opinion. So does Mustaine
  10. Who in your metalhead minds are metal legends. My metal legend is Dave Mustaine. He has always kept to his routes, not changing around his ways of music to suite peoples tastes of today. He is a metal nailer. Long live Megadeth, cant wait to see them in February, its gonna own!
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