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  1. yeah it was totally amazing there was hardly anyone there but more than thirty, probably around a couple of hundred there. Generally an older audience which i was quite surprised at. The setlist was mainly from the new album but a fair few oldies too. I have to agree with Dan and say the new one is the best, so i fucking loved the gig...... The gig was supposed to be at the Cathouse, but it turned out to be Ivory Blacks. About twice the size of drakes, i thought they would have played to a much larger audience. It was cool though cause we managed to get on stage easy....
  2. went to see Nevermore in glasgow last thursday touring the new album (which if you havn't heard is one of the best metal albums ever) and they were fucking amazing. The Custom -made seven string Warlocks and various Jacksons were incredible. I managed to get myself a drum stick, a used pick and a signature!!! first time they played in scotland and there was hardly anyone there, incredible night. i'm just looking forward to Opeth in November at the Garage. I hope everyone has their tickets!!!!!!
  3. when is the next Ascension gig??? wouldn't mind seeing them with new singer and bassist you have to play some Iced Earth!!!
  4. i agree that the new album isn't as good as the older stuff ('contradictions collapse' being one of the greatest albums ever and about ten years ahead of their time) but always impressed with what they come up with. Catch 33 is good......!! def check out 'destroy erase improve' hog and if you havn't already check out 'contradictions collapse' there will be plenty of headbanging to do
  5. i've seen them before but don't care want to see them again ELEMENT106 i really have to see my ex-band mate(s) band We shall be Bless too was looking forward to mendeed but......
  6. i've been told by reliable sources that Mendeed are supposed to be pretty good was quite looking forward to seeing them however it seems as though this one will have to wait a while
  7. lambofgod are nothing like slayer at all and are probably one of the most original in style out of all these newwave american metal bands. Trivium i believe are good for their age but music is not great. Too much cheesy riffs with the melodic vocals and some of the solos just dont sound right. With time they will become better but do not compare to bands like The Haunted, Nevermore, Meshugha, lambofgod etc..
  8. in the metal genre my favourite vocalist has to be phil anselmo, purley because of the vocals on 'cowboys from hell' especially at the end of 'cemetary gates'. pure genius
  9. it says in the album that there is only one guitarist, but if you've seen them then you know better than me its pretty good like
  10. bought 'still remains' today and although the cd is really good in parts i can't help but feel really annoyed. In each song there are parts where there is at least three guitars playing and there is only one guitarist. I know hundreds of bands do this but not in every song!!! has anyone seen them live??? and do they sound good???
  11. unfortunately i never got to see we shall be blessed, but heard they played really well!!! godplayer were quality, be good to see more bands like this getting brought up here. i always enjoy atom, did well under the minor mishaps on stage guys. good night alround!!! METAL!!!
  12. in flames - whoracle iced earth- night of the stormrider 3 inches of blood- advance and vanquish sikth- trees are dead or something the haunted-made me do it the haunted- the haunted
  13. yeah i'm liking the forum too man i want more female posters
  14. i did read what i wrote but i just wanted everyone to know what i think of cowboy dan, without having the thread turn into the shambles like it did last time. I shall say no more on the subject.
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