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  1. here's the deal. Our drummer Nick has tickets for the show. We're selling them for FIVE POUNDS. That's only a fiver for Caliban Cry For Silence My Mind's Weapon God Player. So, if you're interested in getting them from us, it's 8 adv from elsewhere, then send me a PM and I'll sort you out. cheers x
  2. Uh.. The gig was booked by The Tunnels, not by me... Secondly, I think it's fair to say that the addition of ourselves and Flood of Red will get in a fair few more punters, which can only be good for Fuck Off Machete. No? Geez...
  3. mmw

    MMW vs Spike?

    Right, I'll see whats open at The Tunnels in December? If so.. We could do Festr, Ascension, MMw and Spike I'd be up for that 3 quid on the door all money for charity plan?
  4. Right Hand Left, Genevieve, The X-Certs and The Little Kicks.
  5. We'll do it, and we'll do it wherever you like, cellar 35, east neuk, hell, even find out if we could hire Drakes for a night, we'd love to do another show without a stage, maybe even play in the centre of a floor surrounded by people... Rune - Remember Scott, you used to speak to me daily, you complimented MMw quite a lot, saying you were surprised by us, and that we weren't 'emo', we were metal, so stop being a twat, because you know me, and I know you, and you know you;re speaking total fucking bollocks.. I think this has been an interesting topic, although, I still think the views of MMw by the majority of DIY/Crust/Misled Blastcapites are totally inaccurate, btu hey, whatever, we're never ever going to agree, I'd really like to give this gig a go.. Sharon?
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