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  1. I can take or leave Marmite. I've only tried tea twice in my life, and that is twice too many. This usually meets with more incredulity than me being a woman who doesn't like or want kids, which I find quite funny. Cinnamon can get lost. I don't think this is an unusual food opinion but my office says otherwise
  2. Sorry to derail a bit- would you be able to tell me what goes on when the council gets a report of an unregistered landlord? Half the flats in my building are rented out by unregistered folks, one owner has lots of other properties and is, to cut a long story short, not a nice guy and has recently got a few new tenants in who seem really nice. They are brand new to the country and won't know what the rules are and I don't want them to be screwed over
  3. I've stayed here twice and it was great both times: http://www.expedia.co.uk/Berlin-Hotels-Arcadia-Hotel-Berlin.h14127.Hotel-Information?chkin=26/10/2012&icmdtl=ON121016tiQlJuJJtJRYzFy1RbSSWgAAI.14127.HSXMLvQ.T.TOP.240154.fi.1611.187323.en_US..&icmcid=TRIPA.Expedia_UK-H_B14.12932.T&chkout=28/10/2012&rm1=a2& It also has a vending machine that dispenses Jagermeister on each floor :/ Seems to have changed name and got a bit pricier though. It's a couple of stops out from the centre (5 mins on the underground) and it's a 3 minute walk away from what the guide book called a "party street" but instead of obnoxious drunk people and crap clubs a la Belmont Street like we were expecting it turned out to be a street of really nice independent pubs and restaurants with people sitting outside having a good time until the small hours.
  4. They have definitely been upgrading the city centre exchange. I signed up for Infinity Option 2 the first day they started taking orders and we've got an engineer coming next week. You'd think they'd have told you if that was the case though, easier to wriggle out of providing crap service if they can claim to be upgrading. Hope that was the problem and I'm not just signing up for hassle. Going from under 8Mb download to 52.5Mb and 13.2Mb upload belongs on the ace-ic thread though.
  5. What moose? Woman can't recall dramatic collision http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2012/05/11/nl-moose-memories-511.html
  6. I genuinely think these guys have moved in below me. If not then they're in the same mould, two little skinny twats that can't even look you in the eye to say hello but at the weekend watch out! Sounds like they're taking a sledgehammer to the floorboards. I used to say I'd love to know what they're doing to be making that much noise. Then one of my bf's mates was waiting outside for him one night and saw in the window we got the answer. They were hurling themselves at high speed into their living room wall.
  7. I don't buy any, can't find one I'm happy paying for. Most recently was quite interested in the premise of i then I gave it a read and it seemed to consist entirely of everything it claimed not to include in the ads. Very disappointing. I read BBC online pretty comprehensively every day and anytime I'm asked about something that's been in a paper (usually by my mum) I know what she's on about so I figure I'm not missing out. Oh, and any time I'm in the mood for some mind blowing jaw dropping hypocrisy I take in some of the "showbiz" articles on the Daily Mail website.
  8. When you've been an adult so long you can't remember most of the cool stuff you did at the start of adulthood, like holidays etc. I have a crap long term memory anyway. When I realise I went to my first gig 10 years ago and when the students disappear from the King St area for Easter break it'll have been 6 years since I got three week uni holidays Oh thought of another one, when the celebrities you fancy go from way older than you to the same age or younger and you could theoretically have a relationship with the famous folk you liked the look of.
  9. I would agree with you there as I live in a block of flats with no service buzzer in the city centre and the postie pushes our buzzer more often than not if we have a parcel. We do occasionally get the immediate red card though. Maybe it's a new policy? I hope not.
  10. Pet hate today is the bus driver who doesn't know which stops her route is supposed to use (having me signalling not being enough of a hint) and making me sprint up Union St and round onto Broad St at half past fucking seven this morning to the next stop (bus thankfully being stuck in traffic), thus violating my strict Do Not Run For Buses policy. I have no idea what happened to the other guy waiting for it with a holdall but he did not make it round to the next stop on time. I was raging. The irony is it was the express service so she only had 4 bloody stops to remember. All my Pet Hates are bus related, I am very dull, yet at least £300 a month better off now I don't run a car. Honestly doesn't seem worth it sometimes though :/
  11. http://www.sziget.hu/festival_english/#.Tw3s7vmi2So I vote Sziget. A week's festival for €195 and I had no idea that a festival could actually be well run (only having been to T and Leeds before). Ignore the fact that they've only got the Stone Roses on the bill just now, they have literally thousands of acts/performances. And if it concerns you any, last year a pint was £1.60 but since then their currency has tanked :S I am just gutted it took me until I was 26 to give it a go for the first time.
  12. Following on fron my last pet hate, I just spent 2 hours 10 minutes getting from Kirkhill industrial estate to the town centre, on a bus that was 25 minutes late, unheated, dirty, covered in litter and had a constant high pitched drone that gave me a thumping headache. It also wasn't fit for purpose as it was a bendy bus and couldn't go over the speed bumps at the airport without scuffing in the middle. Boils my piss that when some rich twat wants to flatten something we must let them or Scotland/Aberdeen isn't "open for business" (hate that phrase so much these days), yet things like the above are apparently not so much of a concern. Whine over.
  13. Thanks I did look into the train and shuttle option but as it involved an extra connection and having to rely on both First bus and Scotrail I had decided that at least if I just got the 27 I'd know I was on the bus and there was no more to go wrong apart from the inevitable delay. Think I may have to both reevaluate that strategy for after Christmas and save up for a new car like mad.
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