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  1. The wait at draconian is not normally more than 2/3 weeks at worst. And there is walk-ins every morning. The whole 4 month wait is a myth from well over 3 years ago.
  2. if you took thoes slow riffs an made song like crossed out and lack of interest id well be up for that
  3. oh oh oh...wait till i get my MATE to sign up and make one post to try an save my usless cunt of a self.
  4. Lee got sacked. Fact. If you want ill give you the exact date. You don't know shit. 'old school' is the simpilest style of tattooing to do due to the fact it's so so basic and totally flat colour. Again that's a fact, it's basically tribal with colour. Whip shading isn't something new or hard to do, nick uses it because from what I have seen he dosnt know how to use grey washes or ANY kind of colour blending. People will check out the work and make their own minds up
  5. i was never slagged his tattooing, or scratching, abilities... managed to take 14 hours to tattoo a union jack in the wrong colours...does ''neo trad'' stuff like all the other scratchers..thats all i know
  6. The reason Lee is their is because he got sacked from Draconian for his tattoos not being up to standard... just so folks know...
  7. i know a drummer whod be keen im dead keen for vox an i know bags is too
  8. Is it Da PuNks As FuCKs to gie folks hidings? Are Da PuNks alowwed on youtube? come on now...... will heller state ever need a music video?????? so many questions
  9. id be up for stuff more in the vein of GAZA or converge/chariots/engineer
  10. does that say door tax just 3 at the bottom??? if it does i would like to reserve the right to only pay 3???? thank you
  11. There is alot of talk of ''hard work'' and if abidy is so fond of it i live on bedford road and the pavments are a nightmare wi snow and ice, take yer band mates and some shovles and mabye your band can work a lil harder before the year is out.....????? vote goin for the stupid cunt who moves the most snow. BAZZZZINGGGG
  12. why has this not happend yet?
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