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  1. hello Does anyone know somewhere in Aberdeen that does console repairs? Need to get them to have a look at a Wii that isn't accepting discs any more... ta Sam
  2. The Loving Kind was only good cause Pet Shop Boys wrote it
  3. I think I've finally reached the point where I enjoy being asked for id. Old-tastic.
  4. I will also be at the lemon tree, I will however be working rather than drinking and watching bands.
  5. Hey, can anyone help, I think it was on here a couple of years ago there was a link to a word and number puzzle game, where you had to find the answer and put it in the address bar to move onto the next page. There were pages that only appear when you highlighted selected words and things. I seem to remember people getting quite frustrated by it. I've tried searching for it, I know it'll be hidden down the back of the internet somewhere but I can't find it. Anyone remember and happen to have a link?
  6. I just bought a new red jumper! 6 years on and the slight obsession is still alive.
  7. My mum and dad are separated, and both decided it would be fun to spend christmas with me and my sisters... One told the other where to go, i.e. glasgow, the other went in a huff and went there, without speaking to me and said sisters, and then decided to fly abroad with one days warning whilst bitching about the other parent... Fun. Plus, the best christmas present I got was a compilation of swing music. Snooze.
  8. i believe that there will be a further standing allocation going on sale in a few weeks time... don't quote me on it. but i've heard tell.
  9. evolution? It's not entirely true, I was a short arse when I was there, still pretty much am.
  10. I heard some rumblings today about board members meetings. I think this could be a good thing, perhaps someone else might be taking over the running of the venue...
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