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  1. not sure if im going yet but in case i do ive already had a shit, so i dont do it in my pants from the awesome
  2. Playstation 3 on eBay, also, Sony PlayStation 3, Consoles Systems, Video Games (end time 17-Dec-08 19:07:12 GMT)
  3. everyday its the same thing. windmills of your mind
  4. call of duty world at war for 360 and pure for 360 sensible offers none of this "il gee ye a bottle o wine and a fiver min"
  5. i get this all the time now but when i put a new game in i just switch off the console and then switch it back on with the game i want to play and it works. no big problem unlike the death of my 360 thanks to ninja gaiden 2
  6. its a 40gb console i made a mistake and dont know how to edit
  7. 200 for the ps3 il chuck in uncharted and 100 for both guitar heroes! please i have kids to beat.
  8. oh you like that huh? YouTube - Worst Cover of Nirvana ever.... and off the horrid cover topic.. YouTube - Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed ...while were here.... YouTube - The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti
  9. YouTube - Take That 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' 1995
  10. im selling guitar hero 2 and 3 boxed with everything that came with them (straps guitars and stickers) both in great condition. also a ps3 (60 gb) which ive never taken out of the box bar the control pad but even then i ednded up not using the controler. if interested make me an offer looking for a quick sale
  11. thrasher was and still is brilliant and as for skate i liked it alot but i completed the entire game in like 2 days. still id reccomend you get it cause its a major breath of fresh air from tonys cock pro rapist. proving ground trailer= laughter
  12. i hope theres no portal 2 and it becomes just a chapter or feature in half life 3. the orange box is good but since ive played episode 1 and half life 2 already i would have preferred day of defeat, counter strike orleft 4 dead (if they finnished it soon enough). but yeah i geuss its fun getting the achievements while playing them again. pitty tho, ive heard you can get a mod where the portal gun can be used in half life 2 on the pc version. thats where x box fails
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