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  1. not sure if im going yet but in case i do ive already had a shit, so i dont do it in my pants from the awesome
  2. Playstation 3 on eBay, also, Sony PlayStation 3, Consoles Systems, Video Games (end time 17-Dec-08 19:07:12 GMT)
  3. everyday its the same thing. windmills of your mind
  4. call of duty world at war for 360 and pure for 360 sensible offers none of this "il gee ye a bottle o wine and a fiver min"
  5. i get this all the time now but when i put a new game in i just switch off the console and then switch it back on with the game i want to play and it works. no big problem unlike the death of my 360 thanks to ninja gaiden 2
  6. its a 40gb console i made a mistake and dont know how to edit
  7. 200 for the ps3 il chuck in uncharted and 100 for both guitar heroes! please i have kids to beat.
  8. oh you like that huh? YouTube - Worst Cover of Nirvana ever.... and off the horrid cover topic.. YouTube - Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed ...while were here.... YouTube - The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti
  9. YouTube - Take That 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' 1995
  10. im selling guitar hero 2 and 3 boxed with everything that came with them (straps guitars and stickers) both in great condition. also a ps3 (60 gb) which ive never taken out of the box bar the control pad but even then i ednded up not using the controler. if interested make me an offer looking for a quick sale
  11. thrasher was and still is brilliant and as for skate i liked it alot but i completed the entire game in like 2 days. still id reccomend you get it cause its a major breath of fresh air from tonys cock pro rapist. proving ground trailer= laughter
  12. i hope theres no portal 2 and it becomes just a chapter or feature in half life 3. the orange box is good but since ive played episode 1 and half life 2 already i would have preferred day of defeat, counter strike orleft 4 dead (if they finnished it soon enough). but yeah i geuss its fun getting the achievements while playing them again. pitty tho, ive heard you can get a mod where the portal gun can be used in half life 2 on the pc version. thats where x box fails
  13. if i get drunk and just waltz on in there claiming freddy is the coolest can i stay and watch? im like grade 0 on all instruments i play therefore i dont get a chance to meet the great man
  14. mrs doubtfire? have i watched that film and not payed any attention to storyline?
  15. back in my day ye had one button, a dot on eh screen and a funny bleeping noise when ye moved eh dot aboot
  16. Amazon.co.uk: Bottle Rocket [1995]: DVD: Luke Wilson,Owen C. Wilson,James Caan,Robert Musgrave,Wes Anderson relatively cheap and well worth it if you enjoy the other films
  17. bottle rocket may have lacked bill murray but its most likely my favorite wes anderson movie (i love them all tho) and id have to say that kingpin is great when bill is on and off screen
  18. i liked the man who knew too little but i like every bill murray film ive seen (hated broken flowers) his performance as hunter s in where the buffalo roam was great also. ive heard stories of him going to student parties and doing the dishes and tidying at the end of the night?! lol and yes its true, this man has no dick
  19. indeed but 2 will be alot longer apparently. sad to hear that zombie co op thing steam were working on is not going to be part of the orange box
  20. bioshock demo is balls, bring forth half life episode 2
  21. the guy is very cool with a lot of interesting stories id reccomend any fans of his books to go see him
  22. can anybody do freebird on expert? its the last one i have to do and i really just cant do it. please help me
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