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  1. Just checking in to see how my baby is doing. No new posts since July, but ten years is pretty good going all the same. Also... "Letter From KKK" and "Alphabet Street" share no words. So let's forget the last two happened and go with... Ducktails - Letter of Intent.
  2. Washed Out - Within and Without YACHT - Shangri La Both quite good on the basis of two listens each.
  3. I made Monday At the Hug and Pint my choice for Drowned In Sound's "Favourite 50", which was a feature whereby different writers wrote about a favourite album of their's which was released 2001-2011. I'm more inclined towards the latter part of Arab Strap's career in terms of album consistency, although many of their best individual songs were from early on.
  4. I am quite digging the new Junior Boys album.
  5. Here's a review I did for Drowned In Sound: Review / Tune-Yards @ Tunnels, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, 14/06/11 / Gigs // Drowned In Sound Edit: Some annoying rogue questions marks there for some reason.
  6. Here's a few of my favourite lyricists: Aidan Moffatt (Arab Strap etc) Hayden Thorpe & Tom Fleming (Wild Beasts) Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields/6ths/Gothic Archies) Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian) Will Sheff (Okkervill River) Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music circa 1972-73) Morrissey (circa 1984-1987) I'm too lazy to post any lyrics, plus they're lyrics so they needn't read well without the music.
  7. Why should having image/self-confidence issues make anyone a cunt? I know plenty of people with thinning hair (myself included i must say) and it is a constant source of misery. The fact that it's a unavoidable reality (although that's not strictly true) doesn't soften the blow.
  8. Why is Bono a prick!?! I've always thought he was really nice! Please explain.
  9. About 15 mintutes of the Czech 60s new wave film Daisies until my lovefilm dvd started skipping. It seemed like it would have probably become unbearably wilfully experimental had i watched it all.
  10. Copy Haho and Julian Lynch were good and I heard only good things from friends about Ducktails, whom I missed.
  11. Same, but I took one second longer!
  12. For me he reached his apex with throwing-darts-at-youth-players incidident.
  13. Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells - Everything Is Getting Older Kate Bush - Director's Cut
  14. Dammit Chris!!! Some of us have exams to revise for and sit!!
  15. Larsen B

    Your current read?

    Just finished 'The Gospel According to Jesus' by Jose Saramago (which was fantastic) and started 'On Black Hill' by Bruce Chatwin.
  16. I confirm this to be true. I would have stuck with Stokes for the old firm games.
  17. Wild Beasts - Smother Okkervill River - I Am Very Far I forgot about the Aidan Moffatt and Bill Wells album, which I think is out.
  18. I was especially surprised by the gender make up of that group!
  19. Don't be fooled by his taste in music, these are the words of a minker himsel'!
  20. I've desperately trying to find a clip where a keeper, who I think is Lama playing for PSG, thinks there's been a foul and does a comical flunking-himself-on-to-the-ground action, but it's actually play on and someone scores. If anyone finds it, post it here please!
  21. C'mon, you're just saying that because you didn't get nominated for Bassist of the Year!
  22. I believe he taught one of my sisters at school too, which is why I was always hearing them! (Or I'm utterly confused)
  23. As far down as the Thom Yorke picture he makes some decent points about people being overly obsessed with the format as opposed to the actual music, but below the Yorke picture he undermines himself by just trying to be contrary. I think the stuff about guitar sales in particular is bullshit. i'm surprised at how many times I've seen links to this article crop up though. I thought nobody read the NME blogs.
  24. I like 3 and 10, the latter cos the kid looks like a friend of mine. They all reminded me of this YouTube - videoisunrelated's Channel
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