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  1. How much would you want for the Guitarport? used to have one of those, quite liked it.
  2. Still for sale but reduced to £350 now since I have sold the PLG-150 expansion board that was in it.
  3. cant find a way to edit my post. But just to add I may be willing to trade for something. Things I'd be interested in would be Guitars, Medium/Large Format Camera stuff.
  4. Probably out of topic of the thread. but I take photographs. http://scottamurray.com
  5. ...mole...

    Yamaha S80

    Just want to judge interest really, this is sitting in my house not getting used as much as it should and I wouldn't mind the money to go towards Large Format camera equipment. It works perfectly fine and comes with the PLG-150 Piano expansion board, one knob is slightly bent but is otherwise unaffected. Some general Info about it here http://www.vintagesynth.com/yamaha/s30.php I don't live in Aberdeen but I do work in the Bridge of Don so I could put it in my car and deliver on my dinner break or something like that. Looking for around about £450 for it.
  6. I tried it about 5 years a go, just to see how it was. Worked pretty smoothly if I remember correctly was on an AMD 3500 and 4GB of RAM. Cant remember much of the process to get it going but I cant remember it being complicated at all. Kept that partition for about the week it took me to remember why I didn't like OSX
  7. I have it on PC and its good fun, although i wish i got it for PS3 as it does not run that well on any of my computers :/
  8. Due to money problems deciding to sell my 2W Matamp Minimat. I bought this in December 2005 and it has had minimal use since then, has never been gigged and only once outside the house. comes with the Footswitch and a Power cable. Looking for around 200
  9. Selling my Ibanez RG2550E as im a bit desperate for cash at the moment. its in good condition, it has a a couple of chips at the bottom and one on the left hand side nothing major though. it also has no truss rod cover. Its a great guitar and i rather wouldnt sell it but i need money to live more than the guitar. comes with the hardcase. i can deliver it in aberdeen monday-thursday through the day. Looking for around 400, i am open to offers though heres a photo
  10. thats a picture of the matamp, bit blurry though and a picture of the despagni JEM.
  11. email me on mole98@gmail.com if youre interested
  12. argh line 6 DL4 aint for sale anymore, i went to pick it up from my parents house and discovered its had batteries left in it and theyve leaked everywhere. however i did find a Line 6 Power cable so if i could get it cleaned up i might get it working but just powered by the cable. Ill take 200 for the Matamp its in the back of my car just now so if anyone wants it ill be through in aberdeen in about an hour found a boss NS-1 as well if anyone is interested
  13. im still considering whether or not im selling some of the stuff. im keeping the acoustic now for definate. ill respond to PM' as soon as i come to a decision i will also trade for a Korg Triton or a similar workstation keyboard.
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