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  1. bryn

    Your current read?

    Just finished Orwell's 'Down and out in Paris and London'. Features what must be the best account of working in a kitchen that you can ever read. Tried reading 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley but now finding his short stories much more captivating, if a little pretentious in places.
  2. Isn't it fairly standard when recording amp output to position the mic as close as possible? What positive effect does moving it 2m away have?
  3. A general purpose soundcard cannot cope recording audio. You need to spend some cash: http://www.etcetera.co.uk/products/EMU010.shtml ..on something more like that, though you can get entry level soundcards for a 3rd of that price.
  4. ..confirmed my suspicions; its not something I can skimp on. With the wealth of products on the go its pretty difficult to cut through the chaff and buy what is actually important, particularly on something like EQ which at first seems a relatively simple concept.. Its the same with loads of other tools though. I mean, how can a compressor sound 'great' (from a recent Future Music magazine) compared to another. For all I can see a compressor performs the task of reducing signals that are too high. End of!
  5. Just wondering if anyone could offer any thoughts on this: The EQ I use is the one that comes with my sequencer, but I read somewhere that, being such an apparent object of delicacy, it's a good idea to buy a dedicated EQ plugin. I can't see anything wrong with the one I use, but am I possibly dis-advantaging myself with inferior EQ and neglecting the wider picture? ? ? ? ?( Thanks
  6. Kraftwerk - Minimum-maximum Paul Simon - There goes that rhyming Simon Roy Ayers - Virgin Ubiquity Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher Air - Moon Safari Autechre - *forgets*
  7. Serendipity strikes me as a good, non-commital 'start'.
  8. That is truly tragic; you are all insensitive arseholes for thinking theres any humour involved.
  9. Was it? Doesn't 'rave' imply consistent 4x4 bass drum? I just hear jazz when I listen to him.
  10. Who can dance to rock music? Who goes to clubs not to dance?
  11. bryn

    New Tune

    Lookin' for some crit' on this bad-boy: www.myspace.com/tracktitional 'Hitting the Poorhouse' Thanks
  12. That Gary Moore thing is one of the most un-moving guitar pieces ever.
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