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    Fantasy Football

    funny how over the space of 4 months you a) lose any prior knowledge of football, and b) forget how hard fantasy football can be. Every time I ship someone out on transfer they're guaranteed to score a hat-trick or keep a clean sheet, or pull a hamstring (Torres, I'm looking at you...)
  2. Mr.Mike

    Fantasy Football

    Barry? I think he made his mind up a long time ago. it's that angry wee bugger Muppet O'neill who needs to get down to business rather than crying to the press every time he doesn't get his way
  3. Mr.Mike

    Fantasy Football

    all signed up. but I'll be amazed if anyone's still bothering to post about this come the end of the season...
  4. Mr.Mike

    Aberdeen Vs Man U

    anyone care to tell me the final score?
  5. hahaha; Fiorentina finished 4th in Serie A this season which means Milan came 5th and, as a result, will be slumming it in the UEFA Cup next season excuse me whilst I wipe away the tears of Joy/Uncontrolable laughter...
  6. thought Barca might actually sneak a cheeky winner when Henry came on. As good as Utd have been in the PL I still fancy Barca to nick it at old trafford, they look shaky as fuck without Vidic and Ronaldo proved again that it's easy to look good against the Boltons and Derbys of the world but playing against quality opposition is a different thing altogether. And I'm sure if Liverpool play like they did for 94mins against Chelsea that they'll get the goal they need at Stamford Bridge. Torres isn't the sort of player to have that bad a game twice in a row! Also seems like Drogba and Ronaldo are back to their old tricks again, altogether now: backs arched, arms flailing, appealing to the ref before you've even hit the deck...
  7. get a book on grid systems. sounds dull but it'll make your site easier to navigate, more consistent between pages, better looking and easier to design (after the initial difficult bit of learning about the grid).
  8. couldn't agree more. If you're familiar with photoshop then Illustrator wont take a massive amount of time to get to grips with in terms of interface. CS2 & CS3 now allow you to use many photoshop features (filters, layer effects etc) in illustrator too. On top of this I'd maybe suggest getting to grips with InDesign rather than Quark. I know a lot of studios that use Quark but IMHO InDesign is better and as it's adobe it works with AI and PSD files with a bit less hassle. It also has a great preflight feature which is very handy (dunno if Quark has this?) For type design I've only used Fontshop but it seems pretty good and Adobe AfterEffects is a great tool for animation/video/title sequences etc. Personally I can't stand Flash but it is a good tool. At the end of the day you can be 100% versed in all of these programs and still be a crap designer so take LePeepe's advice and try to keep your eyes open. Suspend your judgement and just produce idea after idea. The more you have the more you can edit through. bookwise, there's a big difference between inspiration and tuition. I'd recommend checking out analogue books in Edinburgh. They've got a great selection of books online. A good textbook on Grid systems will be of great use to you as would a concise history of typography if you're thinking of designing your own typefaces/layouts. It might sound silly but I've always found if a book is well designed itself then the content is usually worth listening to. Avoid anything that claims to be "the ultimate graphic design resource" like the plague. It's far too big a subject to cover in one book. I can highly recommend these studios/authors: Adrian Shaughnessy Daniel Eatock Non-Format Experimental Jetset Designers are Wankers North Spin Robert Bringhurst Finally, the web is a great resource for just looking at other peoples work, from student to professional work. Analysing the work of your contemporaries will be of just as much use as reading someone else's opinion. At the end of the day it's YOUR design work, no-one else's so it's important to be confident in what you like and why you like it. Technically there's not a right and wrong so learn to trust your gut instinct. Also, don't be scared to take inspiration from other art forms and music, no-one can produce a brand new radical idea from nothing. As long as you're not ripping anyone off, nobody will ever mind you taking their ideas as a starting point to develop in your own style. sorry, that was a rant, I just love graphics and hope that over time you'll develop the same feelings for it. It is a genuinely modern, relevant art-form and one that allows you to cross many boundaries into other specialisms (photography, animation, sculpture, crafts etc). I wish you the best of luck.
  9. that is poor behaviour but at the end of the day we're talking about a bunch of fucking hun minks. That lot can barely spell class, let alone display it. At least you dont have to live in a city full of the scummy wee fucks... and am I the only person who noticed fergus-hun grabbing someone by the throat? I only saw the highlights so I dunno if he was provoked but surely that's a post game ban even if the ref never saw it at the time?
  10. band: Electoral District of Concord album: Gold 1 Abraham Kidane 2 Mason Tappan 3 A Room with a view (film) 4 Alyque Padamsee 5 MTV Video Music Award for best dance video 6 Bearnese This has all the classic hallmarks of a pretentious emo-Indie-punk EP by some gang of cunts who're desperate to come across as more arty and intelligent than they really are on a side note, "Gang of Cunts" would have been a MUCH better band name
  11. I think the use of the word nigger or nigga in hip-hop is an example of a racial minority taking a word originally used to degrade and offend and using it as a term of endearment in order to help erode the original meaning of the word. The logic behind this being if racists use the word nigger to offend but then the black community starts using it as a term of endearment then it obviously won't be as effective when used to offend. Basically it's fine for a black rap artist to use the word but not a white country western singer for obvious reasons (the context they use the word in is important here). East is East provides another example of the same practice. As for your daughter, technically she's not racist because the word is applied in it's secondary meaning, but at the same time I don't greet my black friends with "sup nigga?" every time i see them cos that's just a bit naive. I dont know if thats gonna clear it up anymore, it's a tricky subject to explain. (On a more comedic note, you could always check out Chris Rock's explanation of the difference between black people and niggers. Youtube it, it's Fucking Hilarious! )
  12. sorry, I've been away from my comp for a couple days. I hadn't actually considered their formation but that's quite a good observation, and you're right about playing to your strengths. I think in general I just get fed up with the way they'll get a goal and then seem content to sit back for most of the game after that. I know that's a cliche but no smoke without fire and all that and I certainly dont remember seeing Italy win many games by more than 2 clear goals. Their passing is exceptional, no denying that, but i just feel they lack a real exciting attacking edge. Toni is alright but you could hardly call him exciting (unless you're discussing his acting ), Del Piero ain't looking so great these days and Totti's retired too, although I never really thought he was as good as he's made out to be. I guess that leaves Ianquinta who doesn't look too bad and same goes for Di Natale. They just don't play my sort of game. It's nothing personal. As for the undeserving thing; I was referring more to the way they got through the Australia game and events that happened during the final as opposed to which of their players make FIFA's list of players of the year or who's on the front of the new PES game. Although there's no doubting the quality of some of their squad, some of them are resting on their reputations. (Zambrotta was a good example on Saturday) For my money, Germany are still the most consistent and arguably the best football team in Europe right now. Domestic league ain't so great but maybe that's somehting to do with why the national side are so consistent?
  13. i know, in fairness though the angle looks like a bit of a shitter if you were sliding in at pace. Players like McFadden and Hutton are really starting to show some real promise. If we can continue to build a whole squad as good as those guys i think the future should be bright for the Tartan Army.
  14. well said. I'm sorry (particularly toward calum who's going to have his usual field day with my comments) but that lot are a disgrace to the sport they should be the greatest ambassador of. Say what you like about the game, fact is we had it in our own hands and couldn't take the initiative at 1-1, but their "gamesmanship" is just appaling and should be lauded by anyone who enjoys football. I just don't understand why ref's don't come down harder on this kind of silly behaviour, some of which we saw today. I saw Luca Toni obstruct a free kick, take a blatant dive and hassle the ref, all of those are supposed to be bookable offences and he'd already had a yellow. I'm not saying Toni should've been sent off neccesarily but all it takes is for one ref to stand up and do something about it for players like him to think again. say what you like, this has confirmed to me that Italy doesn't deserve to be considered world champions. They're not a particularly great footballing side and seem content to get by on a combination of dull football and riding their rather suspect luck (don't even get me started on their domestic game and the politics that goes with it.) But they took advantage of the situation so fair enough, they qualified we didn't. I just hope someone seriously embaresses them at the finals...(Germany, I'm looking at you:up:)
  15. my money's on him heading to serie A Only team in Spain that would/could have him would be Valencia and none of the other big four teams in England need him. Don't see Ancelotti leaving Milan any time soon so that leaves Inter or Juve I suppose?
  16. yup 57 is indeed awesome. if I remember correctly they do some really good beers in there (i.e organic real ales and the like). And when I went it smelt smokey, as in peat smoke, not fag smoke.
  17. in the interests of sportsmanship and fairplay i should probably point this out: the scores are updated at the end of every day. that means if you've got 3 strikers and one doesn't play till sunday, put him on the bench on saturday then change your team on sunday morning before kick off and replace players who've already played that weekend with anyones who haven't to milk maximum points. not sure if people already knew about this. if you didn't then do it, waaaay more points. if you did then don't I look stupid?
  18. on the gig front might I be so bold as to add the rather excellent 13th note to your list? It's a good'un. Also the art school gets my vote if you fancy something a bit different. Also has a few banging club nights. you probably know about the ABC already but they seem to always have a few good bands every month. Sonic Youth played there last month and I've seen Mogwai and J5 there before. They were all pretty special.
  19. 1 jimmy calderwood's fake tan experience mr.mike 130 2 Athletico Shitbox Murrr 124 3 The Hans Gillhaus Memorial XI B Fudge 107 4 Jackanory! C.Masson 102 5 qzdia'lbion qzdiablo 102 6 inter yerma Danny Evans 96 7 Corn's XI Corn 88 8 The Lithuanian State Circus Skacel 88 9 Brian Clough's Football Failures Lord Summerisle 87 10 KZ Nostradamus Dave Milne 76 11 FC Keesher Keesher 64 12 The Cosmic Trigger thebass101 62
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