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Alton Towers !! Anyone been?


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Hallucinogenic drugs are much cheaper and far more exciting.

I know !! But the gf doesn't like that kinda thing.. that's shit fae her tbh.

As for the rain thing.. I'd rather have a sunny day and wait in the Que, than it rain and be shite..

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Went years ago and it was a great laugh. I can remember on the log ride my mate sitting behind me ducked his head down and stuck both his arms out giving rather fetching middle finger gestures at the final bit where they take the pictures - because my arms were tucked in and we has the same colour tops on it looked like me doing it, and sort of ruined the picture of the 2 people sitting in front of us when we saw it at the 'buy your photo' stall :D

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Then again' date=' I loved Parc Asterix, so my taste in theme parks is dodgy ;)[/quote']

Was that over in France? I loved that one too!

Havent been to Alton Towers for erm.......14 years. I'm sure a few things have changed since then. I had an excellent time there though but it was a school trip and I had taken some of the afore mentioned psychostimulants and I ended up getting sent home in shame for my bad behaviour :down:

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i have been a about 5/6 times over the years and had a magic time on every vist. only thing that pissed me of was that stupid song that gets played everywhere you go.

they have few little tricks so you dont have to wait in ques all day. you can pick up a ticket up from the ride you want to go on then come back at the time it says on the ticket and walk straight on.

you can get in the park ealier if you book online i think but that might of changed.

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it's okay' date=' but not a patch on real theme parks.

the big four rides are good, the rest are lame. it wont take a whole day to get around it.[/quote']

Okay, be fair.

Alton Towers is amazing -

I'm just back from Honeymoon in Orlando and we did all the theme parks. They are obviously out of this world, but to be fair:

You don't have to sit on a plane for 9 hours to get to Alton Towers

It doesn't cost £200 for 2 days at Alton Towers like it does at DisneyWorld

The queues are pretty tame at Alton Towers if, like folk are saying, you get there early (defo buy tickets online and get there for the early opening. Head straight to Air at the back and work your way back.)

Air, Nemesis, Oblivion, Ripsaw and Rita are amazing rides. Okay, they're obviously not as good as others around the world, but they are bloody good rides and for me Alton Towers is a great Theme park.

Have fun, Bux. I'm sure you will.

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