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  1. heres the dirty hun bastards trying it................................................. http://media.putfile.com/cross-bar-challenge
  2. how bizzare!!!!!! im away to alton towers tomorrow, ive no idea what to expect but it better be fucking good.
  3. goalkeepers - gordon, alexander, brown defenders - anderson, webster, wilson, hammell, murray, naysmith, mcnamara, caldwell midfielders - fletcher, hartley, severin, burke, quashie, ferguson, g.rae forwards - boyd, miller, maloney, o'connor, mcfadden
  4. anyone know a site where you can downloand free music, games, videos etc onto your phone? they must be free though cause im not paying any dosh. tim xxx
  5. with yer ma, in her bed, with yer da watching.
  6. what is everyones favourite chinese takeaways? state wether they do home delivery as well please. tim xxx
  7. hahahahahahaha. i would have liked the second one better if little tim had been in the box, that kid sounds cool!
  8. well graeme ye big minge, im sure your parents would be turning in their graves if they knew paul o'grady was on channel 4 instead of dick and judy.
  9. yer ma's got ba's and yer da loves it. now fuck off you fud. o'grady is a cunt, end of.
  10. i hate paul o'grady with a passion, his show is fucking terrible. its a pile of piss.
  11. use the university courts when the weather gets better and westburn has indoor facilities.
  12. fitba player min! now i want to be a teacher of the good ol' pe.
  13. alan is correct, they are cryptic. all i can say is neil lennon will not be sitting down for a while.
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