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  1. Just like it says in the title. Birthday pressie for the wife if I can get them.
  2. No worries. Was worth asking. Cheers.
  3. Would you take less than the £100 you mentioned?
  4. Is it a twin or single speaker model? I sold my AC30 head and cab because it was too big and heavy for my needs and I have a Pathfinder 15 for home use so this might fit the bill as something for band practice and small-ish gigs (or even running it through a cab). Still open to offers?
  5. Still got the Vox for sale? Might be able to make you an offer.
  6. I still have a large physical CD collection and still tend to buy them via Amazon and Ebay as they often work out cheaper than downloads. If I'm in town I will usually have a browse around OneUp and pick up a few discs from the 2nd hand section or new stuff it's reasonably priced - I have occasionally succumbed to the "just gotta have it" impulse and bought something from them that I knew I could get online cheaper. The curious thing is I then go home and rip it all to itunes and tend to use my ipod and iphone for listening to just purely for the convenience of having a huge swathe of music (38,000+ songs) on hand wherever I am. A lot of my cds had to go into storage after our second kid arrived as we needed the space and there was no way the guitars were going in the garage! I do sometimes download from Amazon and itunes but generally only if I can't source a physical copy for a reasonable price - for example The Go Go's "Talk Show" album is selling for silly money (£50+ for a new cd!) but £6.90 on download. I gave spotify a try and liked the idea of being able to listen to pretty much anything I fancied but the reality of a shitty internet connection out here in the sticks convinced me that it wouldn't be worthwhile taking out a premium subscription.
  7. Bad news - http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/jan/09/wilko-johnson-terminal-cancer Saw him last time he came up to the Lemon Tree - still amazing to watch his playing. By the sounds of things he's planning to cram quite a bit into his last few months.
  8. thought you would like that one ;-)
  9. "Coast to Coast" never fails for me.
  10. Pretty much the same here - he sort of turned into a parody of himself for a few years. Apparently a lot of this new one is based on stuff he had left over when he wrote Trainspotting so ironically it feels "fresher" than most of his recent stuff.
  11. Anyone read Skagboys yet? I'm about 100 pages in and enjoying it so far. I'm not normally a fan of prequel stories but I have to admit it's fun being immersed back in the world of Renton, Sick Boy, Spud, Begbie and co.
  12. You should try Adywan's "Star Wars: Re-visited" Not only did he take out all the "Special Edition" junk he re-edited the movie and re-did a load of the effects as well as fixing most of the bloopers and mistakes. Try www.orginaltrilogy.com for more info on it and other fan-edits. Note to mods - feel free to remove the link if I'm inadvertantly breaking any rules - the originaltrilogy page doesn't host any torrents or files.
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