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  1. Och I dunno.. The hillwalking club I belong to hires a 25 seat bus from Bains every month.. Picks us up at 7am, takes us out to wherever we are going, picks us up at dinner time, takes us to the pub, then takes us home for about 10pm.. costs 320 and they seem to be reliable for us..
  2. Depends how much I'm playing, I had a set only last me 10 months.. but I was playing with 3 bands back then.. Usually over a year, 18 months or so at the usual 5 hours a week Thats what I loved about the slow wounds, Ok they were like 80 quids but they lasted almost 2 years of sounding fantastic and another 6 months before you thought about changing them... I did have a bad experience with d'addario recently though, I bought a set of strings for my bass.. where the tapering at the nut end of the string started at the 2nd fret, instead of the peg side of the nut :o So I took them back to the shop, who told me that they wouldnt replace them as I had already cut them to size.. I contacted d'addario, explaining the problem and also letting them know that I had been using their strings for 25 years.. But they wouldnt replace it either... $105 Aussie dollars wasted.. basturds!
  3. I cant believe I have to explain this to you peeps.. The sea often looks green when the seabed is sandy because yellow sand + the blue light from the sun/sky make it look green.. Not because of any chemicals or anything.. ?( The harbour looks darker because it is deeper to let ships in and out...
  4. I have problems getting strings long enough.. I got string through and long scale :S Certainly I've never been able to buy a set off the shelves in Aberdeen So I use D'addario super long flat wound chromes.. from here They are pretty awesome and down a credit crunching 20 quid from when I first atrted buying them D'addario used to do a set of super long slow wound strings that were even better, but I think they have stopped making them I heard a rumour Ibanez have started making strings, if so I might give them a go.. if they made my bass, they have to make strings long enough for it I've used those elixir strings bgut they only lasted me 6 months before they sounded muddy.. Wouldnt waste my money tbh...
  5. LOL... Divnie put yersel down min... It's all in the eye of the beholder
  6. Och I divnie really ken... As long as I'm playing I'm happy.. what I'm playing is irrelivant (well up to a point - I've had a fair few poppy nonsense jams in Australia which were highly unfulfilling) It's more important to me that I dont end up with a bunch of vain, pompus arseholes tbh... Something melodicy metally I guess would be ideal...
  7. Just back from a year in Australia and need to find myself a band.. For those who don't know me, I'm a 29 year old quine who has been playing bass for 10 years.. guitar for 10 years before that.. I've played a lot of styles over that time, so I'd consider anything with the right peeps, but I've mostly played in metal and rock bands since the beginning of the noughties... Don't have any tunes online atm (unless you fancy forking out on i-tunes) but there should be stuff up in the next couple of weeks at Anarchist - in the studio! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads.
  8. A cello or a violin... There's a big difference I got a handmade viola back in Aberdeen.. Thats halfway inbetween the two I guess! Valued at 1100 back in 1999... I'd sell it for 600.. You got a bow? I've got one I had one made especially for the viola.. cost me 450 so I guess I could sell it for 300 or something...
  9. I couldnt agree more.. Chic rock... but then I wouldn't really listen to it... Theres just too much other good music in the world *sigh* Anyway.. everybody knows that everybody dance by chic was the greatest disco record ever..
  10. Clarinet is pretty easy... No-one should have any bother picking it up.. I played in a Jazzband for a few years... it was fun! but I lost my clarinet at a party years ago... Only 1 note at a time so plenty of time to think about how and what you are playing.... Bit like the bass really in that respect! The only thing that was a bit bizarre with it is that it's in B flat... so all the notes were out of sync with everyone else (apart from the trumpets w00t!) but that doesnt matter if you are just picking it up to play a few toones by yersel...
  11. I think you are muddled ?( It's Hi-on Maiden who have the miniture Bruce... Maiden Scotland are better... Real bad karma havin the flu:kiss:
  12. Dont say that... I was thinking about getting a random to hire my spare room....
  13. I've got a set of rather large thick velvet curtains.... Should do the job nicely... Been cluttering up my airing cupboard for ever so PM if you want them.... They are pink btw.....
  14. Bass Cadet


    That was the beginning of series 2 on UK Channel 5... In America, they have already shown the 1st 6 episodes, and episode 7 is aired tonight... available to download tomorrow... Yaay
  15. I had a similar incident once. After a night out in Joy (yes it was a while ago) I tried to climb up the drainpipe on the NCP carpark in Virginia st, fell from inbetween 1st and 2nd floor. I don't think I broke anything, but I was aching all over for 3 weeks or more..... Ouch
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