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  1. Don't suppose anyone knows if it'll be possible to get tickets on the door for this?
  2. I just got a new sony ericsson, it's being a pain currently as the file transfer program doesn't recognise the phone as being connected (when it is, via the usb cable) even though the synchronisation program does recognise it as being connected. Phone doesn't turn up as removable media either. Means I can't set Wolf Eyes as my ringtone My last sony ericsson phone was great though, withstood obscene amounts of abuse, and the actual new phone is great too, just the connection software :\
  3. My left thumb occasionally tries, but is always harshly overruled by the mighty right thumb.
  4. Lately, I've been finding cds by 'You Say Party! We Say Die!', 'The Faint' and '!!!' to be good summer listening, plus there's something about playing 'Hunted by a Freak' or 'Killing All the Flies' by Mogwai in the car on a sunny day which is just awesome.
  5. Eurosports not available on freeview, you can get it if you pay for the freeview extra option, but that's pretty much pointless for whta you get. There's been pretty much no media coverage either, until the other day after they had made it to the semi finals. It would be cool to see Scotland win, but I'd miss it anyway as I'm working later.
  6. Ah, most of my favourite ones have been mentioned, but Envy, Mono and Guitar Wolf are all awesome. Try Boris out too, either doom or rock depending on what album you listen to. YMCK are a poppy nintendo 8bit sound type Japanese band who are pretty good too. I've always wanted to find an online broadcast of a Japanese rock radio station, but never had any luck finding anything - can anyone else help with this?
  7. haha, I was testing things in an oil bath at 120c today at work, whilst wearing a labcoat on over my normal clothes, you have my sympathy!
  8. This one is of ATDI live on the Jool's Holland show, simeltaneously shambolic and awesome.
  9. The trailer was briefly leaked on youtube earlier today but they shut it down really quickly, I tried loading it up to show a mate earlier and he thought I was taking the mick as it had already been taken down by then Was cool though
  10. One of my mates told me that same story about 3 years ago, shame it's ot real though, I like the concept of exploding spider cactii, what a gift to give enemies and friends alike!
  11. I've been trying to become a lot healthier, I managed a lot of leg strengthening recently, as I knew I had a minor knee surgery coming up, which is done now. Now I just need to wait for it to be rested/healthy enough for exercise, I put on a bit of weight with recent exam/honours project stress related chocholate munchfests. Managed to swap chocholate and crisps for bananas, oranges, pineapples, need to get my mountain bike out more when my knee heals fully, although I only ever take it down the beach (mostly due to buses trying to murder me whenever I venture onto the roads here)
  12. 20000 was the highest I could hear. I was a bit surprised really, higher than I thought.
  13. Make a cd consisting of only "Wolf Eyes - stabbed in the face" and "Sunn - it took the night to believe" and keep it looped, for ever, if you dislike the prospect of having to touch a whigfield cd. Alternatively, guitar/bass + loud amp + electroharmonix big muff and small clone, turn it up till you get some feedback, then play with the pedal dials until you get the awesome oscillating noise of "brrzzzzshhhh weeoooo weeeoooo weeeoooo" then vary the pitch and volume until you're happy they've either killed themselves or at given up the noise war.
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