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  1. And at the end of the tv advert, while talking about far away places, it mentions aberdeen. aberdeen, cairo and then the moon. we are nearly the end of the earth apparently
  2. I really don't think there is a screwdriver. i see a spoon and that is it. kate are you hallucinating screwdrivers again...
  3. How about trying ultimate frisbee? that's supposed to be really good fun!
  4. I could hear it. I'm not old. go me. Doesn't work if you have a young teacher tho, does it...
  5. my dad and brother are really bad, but luckily I missed out on it, phew. that having said, I'm a bit sniffly this summer, I guess cos the pollen count down here's so flipping high.
  6. I really like the first one, it's beautiful. Although if I ever get married I'd like to have mostly traditional stylee photos, it would be great to have one or two like these too.
  7. the little santa devil dude... bad santa?
  8. http://bang.adamwelch.co.uk/ this made me giggle.
  9. nikki is waaaaaaaaasted i wish she would fall in a drain.
  10. apparently its 33 degrees down here. im melllllting.
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