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  1. right, i am trying to prove something to my friend. i know nothing about football but i am SURE this is not real, what do you think? he's saying this kid is the new rooney :S
  2. yeah guys, what did you do!? Twitter / Dananananaykroyd: Aw what Aberdeen hates us. ...
  3. SAME. was so much fun. i was alone and quite drunk so just went a bit mad. i have so much revision/exams, but my friend was driving over from manchester to see other bands that were playing, and i went with them and watched danana. it was a ridiculous night, we didn't get back to manchester until the next night. ENJOY THE GIG TONIGHT GUYS.
  4. too true! i saw mae-shi with abe vigoda and tubelord in manchester last week and they were great, and work so well on a bill with dananana. and i REALLY wish i was in aberdeen for this gig. been listening to hey everyone! obsessively recently. they were so good at snafu last year.
  5. will be a great gig i am sure, saw him in leeds a few weeks ago, was fab.
  6. ohh, i might be interested actually, i'll give you a pm when i've sold this one.
  7. This is a great amp, but i don't play much anymore and just want a smaller amp that i can take to uni in manchester with me.
  8. yes. i like some of the new album - "jet lag" is fab.
  9. oh confusion! but its happened now? lol. hope you all enjoyed, i miss the tunnels already!
  10. i went to the gig in edinburgh cos i cant go to aberdeen (have moved away arrghhh!) but it was great. had never seen jonah before and was really impressed, and he's such a lovely guy too. and obv frank was brill, much better solo than with a band. the tunnels gig was tonight right? was it good? feels weird not being there!
  11. KatyS

    Rock Sound Mag's

    no interest? i'll just bin/recyle them then.
  12. hi, i'm moving to uni in a week and so am getting rid of my old rock sounds, i've got from issue 59 (april 2004) to issue 86 (july 2006), mostly in good condistion, a couple of pictures have been taken out a couple of them. if anyone wants them, there yours! i dont want money for them but you'll have to come pick them up yourselves. anyone interested?
  13. i've seen them in manchester a couple of times and once at leeds festival. dallas (the one who sings) can be quite moody but george (the one that screams) is lovely i've met him a few times. i would go to this but hopefully i won't be living here then.
  14. This is a charity gig organised by employee's of Blockbuster Video. Blockbuster support a children's charity called STARLIGHT, which grants wishes to terminally ill children. All funds raised from this gig will go to Starlight. You can buy tickets on the door or at anfy Blockbuster store in Aberdeen. p.s i am not organising this gig, i just work ayt blockbuster and thought i might as well put it on here.
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